Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Will New MTV Fiction Series Deal With Consanguinamory?

Happyland - H 2014
During Friday's Television Critics Association summer press tour stop, producers and the show's young stars defended the twist at the end of the pilot that reveals that the show's leading lady and her new young suitor may be brother and sister — after they've kissed.

Kissed?!? Clutch the pearls!

Happyland, from Ben Epstein (Daddy's Girls), is a soapy teen comedy exploring the underbelly of one of the country's most popular theme parks and those who work there. The project centers on Lucy, a cynical teen whose mother makes a living as a fairy-tale princess, and explores the realities of growing up and falling in love while living in a make-believe world.
There's a lot of potential there, I think.

While he didn't want to spoil the creative storyline, [Epstein] said the relationship between Santos' Lucy and Shane Harper's Ian, the son of the park's new president, will remain central — as will her relationship with her mother — and stressed that everyone's story will be connected.

"The pilot really sets things up, but it's not about this one aspect of the show," he said of the potential incest storyline. "We should also look at the phrase 'incest.' It's not that these were consensual brother and sister knowing full well who they were. The show is not about, 'I want you so bad but society won't let us happen.' It's not Game of Thrones. Even though there is an incest component, I think the show is not about willing incest participants. How Lucy responds to this information, what she does with it, that's going to carry us into the next couple of episodes and into the series itself."

Hmm. So will this be a potential Genetic Sexual Attraction storyline? And how will the series handle it?

Present-day media, whether fiction or nonfiction, can't ignore relationships initiated through Genetic Sexual Attraction or other consanguinamorous situations, or keep consanguinamory so much a token that it makes headlines every time such a story element is included. Historically, situations involving close relatives have been common in our stories, and they have always been part of reality. Critics and would-be censors need to come to grips with that.

Mr. Epstein, we're happy to help with research if you'd do the subject justice. Just putting that out there.

I still want to see someone produce a television series or a movie based on Love's Forbidden Flower. If you want some good reading that treats the subject seriously and very well, get Diane Rinella's novels!
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