Saturday, July 12, 2014

Australian GSA Couple Dragged Back Into the News

Recently, someone in a newsroom decided it would be a good idea to drag out old news in an attempt to be sensational. They talked with someone who had been connected to a genetic father and daughter who became one of the most famous situations of Genetic Sexual Attraction in history... so far, anyway. It is classified as GSA because he did not raise her. I'm not going to link the articles, but I did want to post this response by the woman who is the genetic daughter, as I'm doing with her permission...

For those on here that do not know yes I am the Jenny Deaves the media choose talk about from time to time and proud of who I am.

I was touched by Genetic Sexual Attraction back in 2000 and it changed my life, not in a negative way like most would think but in a positive. I loved deeply and in a way most will never understand and as a result of that I have a beautiful daughter who I love dearly. No she does not have two heads and yes is healthy thank you

Genetic Sexual Attraction is NOT incest as it stands in the eyes of society. Instead it is the finding of a soul mate, the other half of you, that was taken from you when you were young. Those who are in GSA relationships are consenting adults who are harming no one. Society can keep their head in the sand but these relationships are worldwide and new ones are happening daily. With the rise in divorce, unplanned pregnancies, adoption and IVF it is only happening more often.

I am proud of the fact I spoke to the media years ago and was given the opportunity to make documentaries worldwide. I have supported many who have been touched by GSA, made many friends and contacts and grown personally.

I support the right for all to love as they find it as long as their is no abuse or hurting of another. Love should be celebrated not condemned.

Only yesterday someone unfriended me because they saw this article and did not know. They had been my friend for nearly 3 years, had coffee with me and been to the movies with me. I had also worked with them on a professional basis. Suddenly I am not worthy of their friendship!

I thank them for unfriending me and knew before they did that they are the sort of person who would. I also know who on here will stay my friend and who will choose to unfriend. I do not want judgemental false friends, instead I want friends who are here because they like the person I am not my past or future. What I have experienced does not change me as a person or a professional, instead it gives me the strength, experience and knowledge required to go forward. To those who unfriend me or no longer wish to work with me I say thank you for showing me who is the better out of the two of us. For those who accept me I say thank you for seeing me as a person not a situation and for not judging others. The world needs more of you.

I am here to answer questions on Genetic Sexual Attraction. I am here to educate not to judge. Do not believe what you read in the media about me as it is mostly cut up, hyped up and twisted information made to sensationalize. Oh the stories I could tell you about 60 mins and what they cut and pasted to change what was said, but that is a story for another time. A book maybe?

Sending love to all regardless of your opinion on GSA or myself xxxx
What a courageous and loving woman! She has long been willing to endure the thoughtless persecution and the small-minded hate in order to help others. She has been one of the greatest friends to anyone experiencing GSA.

There is no good reason to criminalize or discriminate against GSA relationships. If you need help, see here. If you want to help, see here.

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