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An Established Love Grows With Passion

By my count, this is the thirty-fourth ongoing relationship I've covered through exclusive interviews in which the lovers are denied the freedom to be open about their love and are denied the freedom to marry and have that marriage treated equally under the law.

The couple in the interview below are college-educated consenting adults with a passionate love for each other. Yet they face discrimination and prejudice for their love.

Read the interview below and ask yourself if there is one good reason these two consenting adults should be denied their rights or should have to hide the full, true nature of their relationship from anyone in their life.



FULL MARRIAGE EQUALITY: Describe your background.

Anonymous Father: I work for a pharmaceutical company. I’m in my late 40s, Caucasian, M.Sc. Eng. and P.E., I enjoy sailing and motorcycling. I have one brother and two sisters, and recently moved to Boca Raton in an effort to be closer to my parents and only child.

Anonymous Daughter: I’m 20, a full time student.

FME: Are you married or have you ever been married?

Daughter: Nope, haven’t even begun to entertain that idea.

Father: I am not married, though I was moons ago.

FME: How would you describe your sexual orientation and your relationship orientation?

Father: I’m a heterosexual monogamist.

Daughter: I’m bisexual. I grew up bi-curious and found myself attracted to people who were truly comfortable in their own skin and I met a woman who moved with a quiet confidence and experienced my first spellbinding intimacy with her. In that sense, I enjoyed non-competitive, softer, nurturing, and gentler sex for years.

FME: You currently live with...?

Daughter: My Dad.

Father: My daughter recently returned home after having lived, laughed, and loved on her own for nearly three years at my expense. So her return home has been heartfelt more than a savings on coin.

FME: You are in a sexual relationship with your genetic father/daughter, correct?

Father: Yes.

Daughter: Yes.

FME: What kind of relationship, if any, did you have while you were growing up?

Daughter: I grew up feeling loved with all his heart. His dedication to my emotional security made me feel self-confident in anything that I chose to do and this enabled me to grow up feeling absolutely beautiful inside and out. He did his best to prepare me for eventually meeting a wonderful man or woman and to be confident, inspirational, and hard-working in the hopes that I will be able to live my own life and be successful.

Father:  It was a typical non-sexual, healthy, and loving father/daughter relationship. After I divorced my wife (her mother) when she was 12, we became closer after a short span apart, and since then, have been open and honest with each other. Throughout all of the cheerleading practices, dance practices, choir recitals, sleepovers, girl scout camps, and daily living… homework, meals, chores, birthdays, vacations, holidays... it was just the two of us.

FME: When were you apart?

Father: The time apart was a four-month stint post-divorce when her mother thought and presented herself as someone who could parent better all the while secretly hoping our daughter would present a light impact upon her "freshly single" lifestyle. The second time began shortly after her 18th birthday and has continued throughout her years in post-secondary education until recently.

FME: How were you reunited?

Daughter: Let’s just say my mother had her own priorities and decided it wasn’t best that I live with her after my parents divorced.

Father: Her mother showed up at my home, full-on theatrics, with our daughter and belongings in tow and explained that being a single parent was harder than she anticipated and she could no longer do it and needed a break. 

The second time we were reunited was at my daughter’s request to move home after having been on her own at college.

FME: What were your feelings about returning from college?

Daughter: I missed my Dad so much but I was also enjoying the single life. Seeing him after each month apart made my heart melt and saying goodbye always brought intense tears.

Father: Well, I missed her physical presence immensely both when she went to live with her mother after our divorce and when she went to an out-of-state school. We would talk over the phone, text message each other regularly, and utilize Skype often enough which would help soften the blow of being apart.

FME: How did sexual affection become a part of your relationship?

Father: I will confess to being physically attracted to her mature body and the way she dressed while I visited her on campus or when she visited me. Other than mild attraction to her physically and positive impressions of her mental and educational fortitude, I felt mildly in a constant state of being alone or lonely but otherwise happy. The hugs always hurt as each visit was bittersweet.

While she was away at school, she visited a few times for the purpose of shopping for clothes, of course on my dime, and those experiences were interesting. She would try on an outfit and exit only to explain she needed a size larger or smaller and I would visit the rack and return with what would be a better-fitting garment. She would twirl or ask me what I thought about her appearance and always gave me an inviting look.

One day, I wanted to feel connected to her, so I went to Victoria’s Secret and purchased a few numbers that suited what I find desirous on a woman. Soon after, we moved her stuff back home and she was the typical social butterfly all the while maintaining course work, friends, and time with me. Basically, it was the typical daily grind of working every day and seeing each other in passing. I was traveling a lot and feeling stress from inept employees, and one day I came home and she suggested we cuddle up on the couch and watched a movie.

To my surprise, she was wearing a skirt and explained that she enjoyed the gift she received at school and was wearing the panties. While watching the movie and laying down next to her I found myself rubbing her thigh and pulling up on the hem of her skirt until I felt her panties. I didn’t do anything more other than light touching and she responded with giggles, shifting, and opening her legs a little.  It was nice to touch her, to caress her body, and to feel her even though the first time was mostly over her clothed body.

Daughter: The earliest thing I can remember was before I left for college and I was living at home. Sometimes I would listen to my dad after he went to bed and I could hear him gratifying himself. Part of me felt sad and part of me was so turned on… when he was done, I would creep back into my room [very aroused] and [would masturbate to orgasm] thinking about sex in general.

By the time I left for college, I had snuck into his room so many times and would gaze at the girlie magazines he had under the bed, that I had a really good idea of what my dad found attractive. I kept those images in the recesses of my mind the entire time I was away.

My Dad would visit me while at school and often the first day was typically full of clothes shopping or replacing things that I managed to break… TV, microwave, shelving. Of course I was happy to see him and always tried to dress in a way that I saw those ladies in the magazines: hair with big curls, soft frilly skirts and dresses, and I enjoyed his smile though it was no different than he smiled at me for years. I even grew my pubic hair and wore sheer undies like the ladies in the magazines.  Of course I kept myself trimmed and nice but I could never think of some casual way for him to see my undies without me looking stupid.

During those shopping excursions I would tell my dad I needed undies and bras, and I will never forget the lump in my throat when I told my dad to pick something out for me and,  as I guessed, they were all white, lacy, and semi sheer.  I just reserved my thoughts and simply said thanks and I always tried to show my appreciation for him spending money on me, especially when I didn’t need him to buy my delicates.

As our visits continued, our hugs were longer and his hands began moving more from my upper back to the small of my lower back, but not quite on my butt. I would get those butterfly feelings every time he came to visit.

Well, I became more confident in my studies and less confident in my ability to save money, so I asked my Dad if I could move home. Without a beat he made it happen.  When I moved home, I allowed myself to express my sexuality with him as my test subject. So many times I hoped he would grope my butt when we hugged or kissed.

Father: It seemed sudden to me in terms of receptivity in a way I did not expect. That evening on the couch, she unzipped my shorts and began touching me until I experienced an orgasm. Within a couple days, we experienced actual intercourse.

FME: Did you know ahead of time it was going to turn sexual or was it more spontaneous?

Father: I did not know ahead of time it was going to turn sexual, but in the recesses of my mind I certainly hoped it would.  When she shifted, she nestled her nose into my neck and then raised her lips to mine and we kissed feverishly and I held her more or less while she stroked me.  I was a complete nervous buffoon.

Daughter: I knew in my mind when I moved home that I wanted to have sex with him but he was so unresponsive to the clues I was throwing out there. During all those visits we shared, I wanted him to do something, anything, and he would say his hi or goodbye with a kiss on my forehead.

FME: So she made the first move?

Father: Physically, she did.

Daughter: I did. I had to. He wasn’t responding to my cautious clues.

FME: Can you describe your feelings during that?

Father: NERVOUS, NERVOUS, NERVOUS. Cuddling on the couch while watching a nonsensical movie, I felt her move and settle in and thought, “What kind of an idiot I would be if she made a comment about the erection pressing against her back?” As the movie went on, I decided to touch her thigh to see what kind of reaction I would receive and as I did those type things... I was proud, worried, nervous, and jubilant as she wanted me to touch her. I melted when she said, “Yes, Daddy."

Daughter: I was nervous, I won’t lie. I had a lump in my throat at first. I asked him to lay on the couch with me and we kind of spooned. My heart was racing and [I was aroused.] Each time he moved his hands I hoped they would land on my stomach or that his fingers would glance over my breasts.

The movie did get boring and I turned facing him and pretty much rested my cheek on his chest and he started caressing my back. Eventually, I said, “I’m wearing the undies you bought” and he responded by moving my skirt up and resting his hands on the side of my panties.  I couldn’t take it any longer and I grabbed the button on his shorts and quickly unzipped his zipper and held [him] as quickly as I could.  He was so hard that I could feel his strength in my hands.

I looked up at him and he said, “Are you sure about this?” and I said, “Yes Daddy” and I [manipulated him to orgasm.] It was so intense feeling his hand all over my butt and the heat emanating from him.

After he held me for a while, he got up and grabbed some water and went outside.  He didn’t come back in for a while but from the kitchen window I could see him wiping the sweat off his forehead and pacing a little on the patio. Heck, I thought I screwed things up major! I did go out there and I asked him if he was okay and he said he was okay and simply processing thoughts.

Seems as if we enjoyed conversation more after that first experience. He was more flirty and handsy and I enjoyed every minute of it. But again, it was like, nothing else happened.  And again I thought about those ladies in that magazine and one evening he came home late and I decided I was going to wear all white for him. I wore a white camisole, white panties, and white knee high socks and stood there in the mirror and wondered if this outfit would do the trick.  But, I then put a white ribbon in my hair and I felt confidence and confident enough to be on the couch when he got home.

He went through the drone of putting his things down on the kitchen table and noticed me and without hesitation, he took his tie and shirt off and asked me if I was sure about this and again I said, “Yes Daddy.”  What I didn’t expect was for him to immediately [give me oral sex.]

[Before he initiated intercourse he] asked me if I was okay with everything and again I reassured him with a, “Yes Daddy.”  Damn, it was the most nervous, intense, gratifying, experience I have ever had.

FME: Before this had you ever thought this would be possible, for a father and his adult daughter to get together?

Father: Only in the furthest reaches of my imagination while masturbating.

FME: How do you describe the sex/lovemaking now?

Father: INTENSE, erotic, passionate, sweet, sincere, respectful, loving, caring. She begs me to push deeper as we kiss and enjoy small talk. It feels very natural, physically and mentally. She knows what I find attractive and she plays to what I can only describe as eroticism with a pleasant touch upon what I sexually obsess upon (sheer panties, and maintaining an 80s-esque bush… present but neat and trim) and feeds my desire for affection and sexual feelings by blending pragmatic love with my ability to provide philiatic love. I have come home and she has sat me down and simply given me oral sex while expecting nothing in return.

There is such a familiarity and she knows exactly what turns me on and does not turn me on. There is no mental barrier and she will simply present herself to me adorned in a manner convenient for the mornings before I depart for work or attired in the evening when we have down time.

I’ll be in a meeting and I get an unsolicited picture messages with sweet and sincere verbiage indicating she misses me and to come home.

Daughter: He satisfies me deeply. I like waking up to him going down on me. He has gotten more aggressive and less frantic with his kissing and that is so very nice. I like that he gives me space and at the same time takes me when he needs a release.

I love him and by letting go of my inhibitions, I can now feel his love physically. To be completely naked with him is intense and loving.  We can live, laugh, and love each other without boundaries.

The little things he does makes it erotic for me.  Him coming home for lunch and me seeing his erection through his slacks is intensely erotic for me because I know he needs a sweet release. Him coming into my bedroom and simply giving me an intense morning orgasm. Me coming home from yoga only to open the door and have him pull me in and rip my yoga pants down... is so erotic.

FME: Are you able to act like a couple in public?

Father: We have been out to dinner, first enjoying drinks at the bar before being told our table was available, and both the bartender and waitress commented and complemented our look of happiness and affection towards each other.

FME: Do you think consanguineous relationships have some advantages and some things better than unrelated lovers?

Daughter: My Dad has seen me at my best and at my worst; from being sick to being healthy; from being sober to yes, holding my hair back when I decided to drink and got sick. He has laughed and cried with me and knows what makes me happy and what makes me sad. Giving my body to him is a crash of all those non-sexual feelings of love and sexual feelings of freedom and intense gratification of a lover.

Father: Absolutely. You spend your entire life in love with your daughter. Watching her grow and mature and experience life with respects to age appropriate activities is captivating. And when she becomes an adult, to experience her body sexually is the most incredible, intense, and loving thing the two of you can share. You have an existing love and admiration for each other. A pre-existing curiosity and devotion and then whether by intention or accident, witting or otherwise, the two of you physically touch the most private and sensitive parts and waves of passion crash and collide and blend into an existing love. Unrelated lovers come and go, a father or daughter will always default to that parental or child role in most situations until independence can be expressed.

FME: What do you want to say to people who disapprove of your relationship, or disapprove of anyone having this kind of relationship?

Father: You have a narrow thought process and would deny two people who already love each other to express themselves with all that they are and all that they feel.

Daughter: Please do not judge anyone who wishes to express their sexuality in a manner that is both loving and respectful regardless with whom they choose to enjoy it with.

FME: What's your reply to those who would say that he is preying on you and that you can’t truly consent and are being abused?

Daughter: I pushed him because I needed him in such a way.

FME: If you could get one that would be legally recognized and would be treated equally under the law, would you?

Daughter: Absolutely.

Father: Yes.

FME: Any plans for the future?

Daughter: Only to continually be held and made love to.  I need his love and respect.

Father: I can’t say that we have expressed any plans for the future other than to continue to explore each other sexually. It is so new, so exciting, and so bereft of typical relationship issues such as pretentiousness, time constraints, dressing to impress, outings to impress, etc. that it is refreshing and so very enjoyable.


There you have it. Consenting adults who aren't hurting anyone, who have a beautiful love, but are denied their rights.

Why should they be denied their rights? There’s no good reason.We need to recognize that all adults should be free to be with any and all consenting adults as they mutually consent, and part of doing that is adopting relationship rights for all, including full marriage equality sooner rather than later. People are being hurt because of a denial of their basic human rights to love each other freely.

You can read other interviews I have done here.

If you are in a relationship like this and are looking for help or others you can talk with, read this.

Thank you to the anonymous couple for doing this interview!
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  1. Reading about their relationship made me feel nauseous. It disgusts me, though not as much as the idea of a 28 year old and 12 year old having sex.

    It also worries me that the daughter said she "need(s) his love and respect." That says to me that she isn't psychologically healthy. It disturbs me that the father thinks it's normal for him to have had incestuous fantasies about his daughter when she was a teen. His description of his life also made it seem like he wanted to have a sexual relationship with his daughter because he was lonely. The mother clearly had issues, too.

    If cases of incest between people who have known each other for years (rather than met adoption reunions) tend to involve problems of psychological health, I feel like those people need therapy for their relationship issues rather than acceptance of their relationship.

    I'd say the same thing to any couple who had the same issues. What I'm getting at is that incest further complicates things in the event of the relationship going south, so I feel like it's even more important for people who have incestuous thoughts to go to therapy to see if they're psychologically healthy and ready for a relationship *period*.

    All of that said, my disgust isn't a sufficient reason for making consensual sex between two people illegal, and making it legal and not something people are ostracized for might be necessary for therapists to have proper sessions with clients who have incestuous thoughts.

  2. It is easy to see from the writing that it is one person pretending to be two. This is just someone's fantasy, not real life.

    1. I have not witnessed their lovemaking, so it is possible I suppose. Some of my interviewees I know for certain are for real. Others I can't be as sure. Keepi in mind I do edit these interviews so if two people sounds like one that could be my editing coming into play.

  3. I guess that first commenter couldn't handle the "don't judge" request.

    I found their story loving and intensely erotic. I'm grateful they decided to share it.


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