Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Zimbabwe Sending Consenting Adults to Jail

From comes this report that two consenting adults have been sentenced to jail for having sex.
A Mbare brother and sister have been thrown behind bars for the next 12 months for having prohibited sexual intercourse-incest. 
The pair was caught red handed in the act by another family member before they were taken to the police.
They were ratted out by family. They shouldn't have to hide, but where bigotry still prevails, precautions are a good idea. 

 Tendai, 30 and Nyaradzai, 22, of Zengeni family were brought before Mbare Magistrates’s court answering to a charge of having sexual intercourse within a prohibited degree of relationship.
That shouldn't even be a crime. They should be free to be together and marry, if that is what they want.
All their hopes of getting an out of custody were shattered after the presiding officer Magistrate Anita Tshuma condemned their conduct. 
I wonder if everyone approves of every aspect of Tshuma's love life?
In passing sentence, the Magistrate described the pair as lovers in a serious relationship who had not repented after they were caught red handed in December last year. Their conduct has proved that they can not change thus they need a custodial sentence so that they are separated from each other.  although they came clean and pleaded guilty,the Magistrate slapped them with 24 months imprisonment, 12 months were then suspended conditional they do not commit the same offence in five years.

The State proved that the two were having unprotected intercourse on several occasions before they were suspected of the affair by their brother Edward and their stepmother Chipo Mungeni.
Perhaps someone was jealous? Family members and friends should read this.
Further circumstances are that Edward and the mother confronted them, of which they denied the act.All hell broke loose when they were caught red handed caressing each other on May 17 at around 10pm.  
Oh, no, caressing each other! We can't have people actually being affectionate, can we? What a waste of law enforcement resources. Let them out and let them be! This is another example of why we need full marriage equality worldwide.
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  1. Disgusting. Turned in by family and punished by the government.
    Them having sex is not the crime, what happened to them is the real crime.
    -Liz Smith


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