Monday, May 19, 2014

Dear Abby Gets Letter About Conflicted Love for Aunt

Advice columnist Dear Abby ran a letter from a nephew (I'm assuming the writer is male, since the columnist does) who is with his blood aunt. It is the third letter in today's column.

I am under a lot of stress, but the woman I am with doesn't know it. I am 17, and I have been sleeping with my 38-year-old aunty. She's married and has three children. She's my mum's sister. We've slept together seven times and we can't stop doing it. I think I'm in love with her. 
It is important to note that the age of consent in the UK is 16. Unless his aunt was acting as his guardian, this is not an age of consent issue. It may not even be a cheating issue, as for all we know her arrangement with her spouse allows for this. Again, this blog does not support cheating but we can't assume this is cheating as the letter does not say he's worried about the spouse finding out.
Dear Abby's response included...
By having an adulterous and incestuous affair with you -- her nephew and a minor -- your aunt is behaving like a sexual predator.
Not necessarily. Does Dear Abby condemn all polyamory or open relationships? Does she condemn all relationships between 17-year-olds and 38-year-olds where the age of consent is 16? Does she condemn all consanguineous relationships? If she does, on what basis? We aren't told.

If he doesn't want to continue, he shouldn't, and if she is forcing herself on him, that is assault. There are, however, many other people in these situations who are happy, and should not be broadbrushed as being wrong or abused. I always like to get comments, but I would especially like to hear from anyone who has been with their aunt.
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  1. what about the REALITY of the "family dynamic" being torn asunder by these acts? Really, I understand getting "caught up" in ill-advised sex, but BLOOD RELATIVES???? Sorry- I don't believe this is right- this is not a taboo- think about family crisis, deaths in family, weddings- how bizarre is the interaction (already is really) - throw in screwing blood relatives? Sorry- the consequences are too severe- this line has to be maintainted


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