Friday, May 16, 2014

Author Speaks Up in Defense of Consanguinamory

Good friend of Full Marriage Equality Diana Rinella was interviewed again about her novels and the fallout from publishing them. Kudos to Kelly Cozzone, Sex & Relationships Examiner for publishing this interview.

Considering the social taboo surrounding incest, it took a lot of courage for her to put this book out there. I must admit, I’ve read it and am reading the sequel now and I absolutely loved it. 
Diane writes the love story so complete and utterly fabulous that you end up rooting for Donovan and Lily to be together.


Kelly: How do you deal with the controversy surrounding Love’s Forbidden Flower?

Diane: I come into every conversation like I am armed for battle. Most of the time people are just curious about the real life situations. They hear the statistic that 10-15% of all college age adults have had some kind of relationship with a sibling and are shocked at how high that number is.
The number increases as people age, their spouses die, and they find themselves in new living situations with a level of comfort that they never dreamed. In the case of GSA (Genetic Sexual Attraction) relatives meet later in life and sometimes don’t even know they share cells until they apply for a marriage certificate.

(This has happened pretty famously over the last few years in the UK and in China.) So if you meet someone, fall in love, plan to marry, and then find out that you were separated at birth or share a father than ran out on each of your mothers, should you be forced apart? People are, and I think it is horrible.
The interview is well worth a read. So are the books!

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