Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Casting Call for Cousins, Step-relatives, In-laws in the US

I was contacted by someone looking to cast a "docuseries" for "a major network." The series is being produced by Core Media Group ("American Idol," "Dancing with The Stars," etc.)
We absolutely understand that many may not want to share their love stories publicly, however we are hoping to find the few that are willing, that don't care about what society may think and would ultimately like to offer education and enlightenment on the topic. It'll probably be a couple days of shooting if they are selected and they will also be compensated. We are open to cousin marriages, 2nd cousins, step-siblings, in-laws, etc. 
As always, I point out that this could be a double-edged sword. Getting visibility for these relationships and letting people know they exist and are not a problem is important, but lovers need to be cautious do the very prejudices we're battling and even the laws in some places. Also, how you end up being portrayed is almost entirely up to the people putting the show together.

Here's the official call...

Now Casting!
Are You Romantically Involved With a Cousin, Relative or Step-relative?
Have you fallen hopelessly in love with a relative or step-relative? Are you sick of the negative preconceptions surrounding people who date their cousins and want to prove all of those judgmental people wrong?  Are you tired of your love being misunderstood?
A Major Television Production Company and very well-respected Major Cable Network are currently looking for dynamic women and men who are currently in a relationship with a cousin, relative or step-relative.
Using a documentary television format, the show will aim to break down the stereotypes and get to the heart of what it’s really like to be attached to someone who’s a relation.  If you’re dating, or are engaged/married to a cousin, we want to hear from you for this new documentary television project! 
Please be in the U.S & over 18. 

1.    Name
2.    Location
3.    Contact Info (Phone and Email)
4.    A recent photo of yourself
5.    A brief paragraph describing your current situation. 
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  1. Wasn't there a similar thing a couple of months ago? IIRC they extended the deadline only to be never heard from again. They seem sympathetic, so that's a start. If repeated calls for willing participants are met with silence, it would discourage others from even attempting to do so. Kinda hard to promote your cause without the use and interest of major media outlets. You've got to keep in mind that they only care about revenue. I'm thinking they'd have no problems calling for FME as much as they'd have no problem calling for the heads of anyone engaged in a relationship with a relative. It's just a matter of what's trending. If a docuseries depicting relationships between relatives in a positive light becomes a success, it would be an even bigger success for the people in question.
    Still, something tells me their pleas will fall on deaf ears...

    1. Yes, someone else issued a request for GSA experienced people a whole back. This is different. For the most part, the relationships listed are not necessarily illegal. There are some places with laws against stepparent/adult stepchild relationships, as I noted again in a recent post, and there are a few places criminalizing consensual adult sex between first cousins. But the larger problem is that even if not illegal, discriminating against people in these relationships is allowed I the law. So an employer could fire someone for being in a relationship with their first cousin.

  2. I heard of this awhile back too. I really hope they end up making it, no matter how long it takes or how many obstacles get in the way... I would love to watch this kind of show, especially if they have young cousin couples participating. I want to study the real life dynamics and hardships of people in that kind of relationship because I want to write a fictional story someday in which the main (teen male) character is in a relationship with his cousin. Because of this personal goal, I feel a lot of sympathy for real life people in that kind of situation, for the prejudices I'm sure they have to face in modern day. I hope there are some brave volunteers out there, that come prepared with good, sensible arguments to defend their love. Cause they have every right to do so, as much as those in gay relationships or interracial ones or any other kind that experiences discrimination.

    In the end it's all about freedom of choice and consent. If society says that one kind of relationship is ok but others aren't, then it is making decisions on behalf of individuals, creating boundaries for people simply based on the comfort-level of the majority, who are thoroughly socially conditioned to begin with. That's messed up. Where is the freedom in that? Where's the free will? I think it's so sad that there are teen shows out there dealing with gay relationships, interracial love, bullying, and ALL kinds of other things that are relevant to real people's experiences today, yet not one of them dares to explore consanguinamory with the dignity that it deserves. I hope with all my heart that this show happens. Either way, I am going to try and contribute to this topic my own way someday, positively.


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