Saturday, January 26, 2013

Yes, Iowa Still Prosecutes Consenting Adults

We now have an update of a criminal case out of Iowa involving adults. The previous coverage is here. As I suspected, this is a matter of sex between consenting adults and charging them with a crime for that is absurd. Randy M. Cauthron at writes...

A preliminary hearing, originally scheduled for today, has been cancelled according to Clay County Attorney Mike Houchins after trial information, in an alleged incest case involving an uncle and a niece, was filed by District Court Judge Charles Borth Tuesday. Felony incest charges were filed against Elizabeth Ann Welch, 18, and Jerrold Marble, 35, Jan. 7, following an investigation initiated by the Department of Human Services and Spencer Police Department just prior to Thanksgiving.

Houchins summed up the basic facts of the investigation associated with the allegations.

"The two individuals were charged with incest. They were relatives and apparently, from the facts, it was consensual. And they were charged," Houchins said.

Let them go! It was consensual. This shouldn't be a crime.

So how did the authorities get involved? This is how...
"Law enforcement were called to the house due to a disturbance," the county attorney continued. "While they were interviewing occupants of the house, information came out that led to the charges."
Laws against consanguinamory are unjust, but they're still in effect in many places. There is nothing wrong with refusing to incriminate yourself, or even lying to avoid an unjust law. There was no need to tell law enforcement what they were doing or have done together.

Houchins indicated he doesn't anticipate any further charges associated with the specific allegations in this case.
Then drop the charges and apologize. There's no victim! Now, if one is beating up on the other, then there should be assault charges. But that's not on the table.

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  1. Isn't this always how it goes down? Every episode of Cops seems to include the officers responding to a domestic disturbance and discovering a man wearing a greasy white T-shirt, donning a mullet, various tattoos, and speaking in an animated yet barely unintelligible way.

    I can almost hear it now...

    "Officer! Officer! My niece, she done hit me with a fryin pan!"

    "Sir, sir...calm down. What happened?"

    "My niece, she done hit me! She saw me talkin to her cousin! I done told her she's the only one fer me but she don't believe me."

    "Sir, are we to understand that the two of you are romantically involved?"

    "What??? Yeah, she done hit me cuz she's jealous!"

    "Sir, at this time I'm placing you under arrest for incest. (And for being an ignorant white trash idiot clueless enough to confess an incestuous relationship to a law enforcement officer.)"

  2. Umm, that is a horrible comment. I myself am from a poor white trash neighborhood, and can tell you that your comment is not only stereotypical BS, its silly. The white trash in my neighborhood weren't white trash because they had incestuous relationships, they were white trash because they were poor and drugs were cheap and rampant in the area, and they were never encouraged to strive in school and teachers never made an effort to teach "those kids" which basically lead to a ton of bad choices throughout their lives. I was raised poor also, and had incestuous family members earlier in my family tree. Im not genetically defunct, as a matter of fact im in college atm for engineering and in perfect health, doctor says better than most. Not only do you make it sound like white people are the only trash around, you make it out to be because of white trash having incestuous relationships. Have you looked around you lately? There are tons of people like that, regardless of skin color or how/who they have sex with. Your just talking trash about garbage.

    Incestuous relationships happen all the time, and regular people who are engaged in it don't talk about it because they don't want to be associated as "those POS white trash types" by people like "you."


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