Friday, January 11, 2013

Consanguinamory is Not Wrong

More and more people are publicly explaining why consanguinamory (consensual incest or consanguineous sex) is not wrong. Scott at (perhaps NOT SAFE FOR WORK due to discussion and some language) is the latest example I found...

But what if the incestuous acts are happening between people who are not intending to or cannot possibly bear children and all persons involved are consenting adults? This is where the term “ethical incest” comes into play. If the reasons that incest is made illegal are taken out of the equation shouldn’t the incest cease to be illegal?
That some consanguineous couples can have children together is not even a reason in the first place. See Discredited Argument #18.

Now I’m sure that if two consenting adults are engaging in ethical incest the police aren’t going to come bang down their door and arrest them.

No, but a jealous person may rat them out.
But could the mother and son get married? Could they be “out” about their relationship and not risk prosecution? No, and no.
And that is a problem. It is inequality.
As a sex-positive person I just can’t get behind that; these two people are adults consenting to sexual acts that put no one in danger so they should be allowed to do as they please.


He then demolishes Discredited Argument #1
The only reason left that this 25 year old man and his 55 year old barren mother can’t have a relationship is because it is icky. It is gross and immoral and oh my god the mother and son thing is so fucked up. But folks, that’s not a good reason. Just because John Q. Public thinks that gays having sex and getting married to eachother is disgusting doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be allowed to do it. Just because someone is horrified by the idea of people going to S&M clubs doesn’t mean they should all be shut down. We as a society need to be open to all ethical forms of sexuality and relationships, even if they make us want to puke.
Thank you, Scott!
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