Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Through the Years

If there is a better place online to discuss consanguinamory and consanguineous sex than the Kindred Spirits forum, I am unaware of it. There's a great group of people there and the administration is excellent. There are many brother-sister couples represented there, but everyone is welcome as long as they read and immediately follow the rules: parents and their adult children, aunts/uncles/nephews/nieces, cousins, etc., including those who are polyamorous.

Here's an example of someone explaining why they came to the forum (be warned it's a little explicit, although no words are used that can't be used on broadcast radio/televions in the US)...

Me and my sister have had a relationship since we were young. It all started when my hormones got going. I don't need to explain how it happened but we agreed at an early age not to have intercourse. We do everything else with hands, mouths, toys or whatever and always make each other climax but we have never had intercourse in 30 years. We are not virgins, we have had intercourse with other people just not with each other. Now that does not mean we dont get tempted. Many times I have wanted to and she has kept to our agreement and there have been times when she wanted to but I was stronger and I said no. 

Originally it was about pregnancy but that would not be so much of a problem today with modern contraception.

Am I unusual in have a sexual relationship with no intercourse?
It might be unusual, but if that is what someone wants in a relationship, then there's no problem. In some places, it may even prevent successful prosecution by some power-hungry prosecutor using some stupid, lingering law against consensual incest.

This couple obviously has something special, as they've continued for decades. Why shouldn't they be free to be together in every way, with any form of affection they want, without prosecution, bullying, or discrimination?
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