Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tasty Apples and Rotten Oranges

MissSwatty was on Facebook and something caught her attention.

One of my FB friends posted why she hated incest sex and after reading her purge, I was prompted to congratulate her for her bravery.

This is not written very clearly. At first, I was wondering if she considered it bravery to express a hatred for incest. But it looks like she is saying her friend was revealing that she (the friend) was a victim of sexual abuse and MissSwatty thoight her friend brave for admitting that.

As we went back and forth, posting this, commenting about that, she shared with me the name of an individual in India who enjoys having sex with his mother. I immediately thought, 'what the hell?' but minimized my judgment--or at least tried--as cultural differences may allow for such acts (but even still, what the hell?). Definitely judging and thrown off guard as incest sex is a deplorable act and often requires years of therapy/talking/venting, etc to fully recover, I had to 'see' for myself. And so, I ventured to his wall in hopes of uncovering a sick joke but to be exact, it, indeed, is an act that him and his mother, unapologetically, engage in on a regular basis.

If they both enjoy it, what is the problem?

His wall was covered with posts such as 'My morning was good...... had a small ride with my mother in bed.....', 'While having a ride in morning, mom was in green night gown and blue panty with printed design flowers.....', and 'Today my mother was wearing cream color bra and brown panty. She removes them before sleeping.' Further deepening my disgust was the comments left by others that included, 'How old is ur mom dude? i think shes so delicious hot mom...', 'nice man....' lucky guy....', and 'what position did u use in morning? normal or backfire....?'

What is the problem? If she doesn’t like it, she doesn’t have to read it. The blogger then invites her readers to “blast” the man.

As a victim of incest, I am..... ENRAGED. CONFUSED. SPEECHLESS. DISGUSTED.

We’re talking about two different things. Apparently, MissSwatty was molested or raped, and that’s horrible. That’s not what the man in India is talking about. He has consensual sex with his mother. This is like a man getting angry about someone talking about gay sex because he was once assaulted by another man. We are comparing tasty apples to rotten oranges here.

She goes on to post correspondence between them where she asserts that what he’s doing is digusting. Judgmental, much?
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