Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Overcoming Prejudice

Many heterosexual men have a double-standard when it comes to same-sex relationships. This subset of heterosexual men dislikes the idea of sex between men. Not only do they not want to experience it themselves, they don’t want to see it or may be averse to even seeing other men naked. They don’t want to even think about it. But these particular men enjoy seeing two (or more) women having sex and would, if they could, place themselves within such a situation (as the long male). If these men appreciate the beauty of Sapphic love, they should support the rights of women to marry each other. If these men can be persuaded that two women should have the freedom to marry, it shouldn’t be hard to persuade them that two men should have the freedom to marry, too.

Likewise, someone who might have a knee-jerk reaction to the idea of consanguineous sex as, “Incest! Yuck!” might be thinking of child abuse by a father or stepfather, or even consensual sex between a father and adult daughter. Yet there are probably people who have this reaction who have a fantasy about having sex with two sisters at the same time, or a mother and daughter. But the sisters and the mother-daughter situations would most likely involve consanguineous sex (incest); it at least involves them being close to each other naked in a sexual situation. If the person likes the idea of two sisters or a mother and daughter having a joint sexual encounter, how can they object to other close family members having such encounters, with or without an unrelated person? And if they should be allowed to have sex, shouldn’t they be allowed to marry?

Another common fantasy and reality is the casual threesome between unrelated people, with or without two of the people being in a committed relationship. Shouldn’t people who’ve done this or who want to do something like this support the polygamous freedom to marry, so that people who want a life together rather than a casual sexual experience can build that life together?

Get people to question their prejudices. They just might end up supporting full marriage equality as part of an overall support for the rights of adults to love, sex, and marriage with any other consenting adults.
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