Monday, February 28, 2011

Billy Bush Tells Phillips To Stay in the Closet

Mackenzie Phillips was promoting her book on the syndicated television show Access Hollywood. Phillips has been essentially bullied into reframing her sexual relationship with her father as nonconsensual. Billy Bush doesn’t want to talk about consanguineous sex at all.

"Can this thing not be dealt with privately?" asked Bush. "To all the people who don't want to see it on TV, why can't it be dealt with on the couch?"

"So many people who are survivors of incest feel alone. There's no one for them to look to and go, 'Hey, if she can talk about this, I can talk about it. I can help effect a change,'" Phillips responded.

Bush remains undeterred, however, and says incest is a topic he doesn't even want to discuss. "I told my executive producer I don't want to do this," he said. "I think it should be a private thing and I don't book the show."

It would have been nice if they would get someone who asks the obvious questions: “What is wrong with adults having consensual sex? Why should only some consensual sex be discussed on TV but not all?”

From another interview Mackenzie Phillips had with Parent Dish

PD: Before writing the book, you say you never considered yourself a victim of incest, that you saw yourself as a willing partner.

MP: I write in the added chapter about how I had never gone into the inner workings of the mind of the survivor and using the word "consensual." And I realized, with help from people like Dr. Drew, that I had been led to believe by my father that it was consensual since I wasn't fighting him off. So, therefore I was complicit and I took that on as my reality and beat myself up.

The trouble with this is that someone could say this about any sexual relationship, with a family member of not. If they later convince themselves (or let others convince them) that it was a bad idea, should it be considered rape? Phillip's father, by various accounts, was abusive in various ways, but I'm not sure adult sex falls into that category. And yet, that is where the focus is put.
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