Sunday, February 20, 2011

Attacking a Faith and the Women Who Follow It

Someone has written and posted "Selective Amnesia Regarding Adult Consent in Polygamy: What We Must Forget in Order To Justify Legal Inaction or Decriminalization"

The writer claims...

Below is a list of things which have to be denied or forgotten in order to believe that polygamy is a free choice for adult women, and that it takes place among consenting adults, is a victimless crime and is therefore not a crime.

The person's entire case seems to be built on attacking certain FLDS communities or communities with a belief system like the FLDS. The argument is that the women can't be giving their free consent, because they believe the teachings and the authorities of certain people and texts. This kind of attack is an attack on the belief systems and practices of certain people within those communities and is hardly a justification for denying the freedom to marry to poly people, most of whom are not part of those communities.

This attack also tries to make a case that these women don't have the freedom of religion, or the freedom to leave. So what about the women who have exercised those freedoms and left? The writer treats adult women as though they are somehow incapable of thinking.

This kind of attack can be dangerous. One could argue that any person part of any organized religion can't really consent to anything that the religion or religious leader(s) promote. Maybe baptism of adults should be illegal?

Bashing these specific polygynists does not change the fact that adults should have full marriage equality.
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