Monday, February 21, 2011

Misportrayal of Polyamory

Yen Wong may need to learn more about polyamory, based on what I see in "Fancy A Three-Way Relationship?"

Nope, it's not those secret affair your boyfriend hides. Visualise this: sharing your partner with another woman and three of you live in harmony? Sounds like a stretch but it's happening amongst your friends. Are you up for it?

Many people are. Not everyone. Here comes the bigotry...

There are really such dumb people around us.

It is "dumb" to have a relationship that meets the needs of all involved?

I'm sorry to make such a sweeping statement but a love relationship is defined as one that is shared between two special individuals, not a fun-loving trio or more.

And that definition is found... where? If that is the way you want to live, fine. But it is rather prejudiced to declare others to be less intelligent because they do not share that with you.

In reality, there are women committing to relationships that are so haywired— their partners have more than one girlfriend. To make it worse, three of them are well aware of the situation. Sometimes they even engage in sexual activities. Freaky isn't it.

Did I see a turnip truck drive away from this writer?

It all started with someone getting caught. Many polyamorous relationships are a continuation of a flawed monogamous one.

"Many," perhaps. But most polyamorous relationships do not start out with such cheating.

The first type is what they called primary and secondary partnership. The primary partner is consider the priority in the relationship while the secondary partner, as the name suggest, is just secondary. The other type, polyfidelity, is to have three or more individuals involved with one another but they have to stay committed to those within the relationship.

Uh, no. These are not mutually exclusive. There are people who practice polyfidelity AND have primary and secondary designations.

Amidst the hefty work and family commitments, a monogamous relationship is hard to juggle sometimes, let alone one more woman. Are we prepared to welcome this new member in the equation?

If you're not, then nobody will make you. You can stick to the relationship you want. But allow other adults to make their own choices. Some people find that the best relationship for them is a polyamorous one, and everyone involved can be happy. Where is the problem?
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