Thursday, June 10, 2010

Follow Up: Adults Jailed For Private Consensual Sex

A couple in Scotland is being sent to jail for sixteen months because they have sex with each other. Maybe some day, the authorities there will realize it is the 21st century. Billy Paterson reports on this unjust action.

Stephen Paterson, 44, and Kirsty Paterson, 26, became infatuated with each other after she turned up on his doorstep in Girvan two years ago.

Until then, he never knew she existed.

Even after they appeared in court on incest charges, the pair breached bail conditions to have sex in a B&B in Ayr.

They’re not only consenting, they’re in love. This is a victimless crime. Well, almost.

Paterson and his daughter began to form a relationship which his wife, Rosemary Alcroft, felt "uncomfortable" with.

Gale Harding, prosecuting, told an earlier hearing at Ayr Sheriff Court: "Rosemary Alcroft was the account holder for both her and her husband's mobile phone.

"On June 7, 2009, she uncovered messages between Stephen Paterson and his daughter."

She said the messages indicated that the father and daughter "were engaged in a sexual relationship".

Like I wrote before, it is good to have understandings and not go behind someone else’s back.

They were released on bail with the condition that they did not approach or contact each other.

But on June 30 a neighbour of Paterson's who knew about the case saw the pair together in Prestwick - and contacted police.

Can you imagine calling the police because you saw two adults together? It’s not like they have conspired to engage in violence or theft or racketeering. Some people are cruel.

Robert Campbell, defending Kirsty, said: "She felt her father was very proud of her and for the first time she felt loved by someone and grew close to her father emotionally."

Sheriff Cunningham told the pair: "The gravity of this case is such that a custodial sentence is the only appropriate disposal."

Shame on Sheriff Cunningham. Kristy finally found love, and she is being forced away from it.

This news report goes so far as to call Stephen a pervert and refers to their love as “sordid.” That’s nothing more than bigotry. Leave them alone. Let them marry if they so choose. Whether or not they are experiencing Genetic Sexual Attraction is nobody else's business.

But Scottish authorities and media have reacted this way before, as you can see in what I wrote about another couple.
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