Thursday, May 6, 2010

Scottish Man Jailed For Two Years For Consanguineous Sex

There’s more news about a case I wrote about before – see here. The father is being jailed for two years for having sex with his adult daughter. He was a widower, and her marriage was over. Why is this a crime? Why shouldn’t they be allowed and encouraged to marry so that the children can have an intact family?

He was able to exploit the fact that his daughter, who is now 46, suffered from "mild learning difficulties"

Someone with learning disabilities isn’t able to consent or decline consent? That’s going to put a lot of people at risk for prosecution.

Jailing the dad - who cannot be identified for legal reasons - at the High Court in Edinburgh, Judge Lord Woolman said he was taking into account the fact that no force was used.

No force was used. Yet he's going to jail.

Today, defence advocate Shahid Latif, asking for leniency, said the man was genuinely ashamed and remorseful. He had never been in trouble before and had pleaded guilty to the charges as early as possible to prevent a trial.

He has nothing of which to be ashamed. I’m ashamed there are laws that interfere with love.

Lord Woolman told the man: "You did not use force. The children think of you as their father and you daughter will be upset if you go to prison."

So why jail him?

Someday, future generations are going to look back and wonder what the big deal was.
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