Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Persecuted Love in Zimbabwe

Adult siblings in Zimbabwe are being persecuted for their consensual relationship.

Yeukai Semeni Nyamhanza (23) and his sister Rumbidzai (19) — who is now five months pregnant — are performing community service at Dotito Clinic and Kadohwata Primary School respectively.

That is her brother’s child she is expecting.

They are staying with an uncle in Dotito following the death of their father while their mother is in Guruve.

They have already lost family. They are relying on each other.

"It was on Christmas Eve when I proposed love to her. The two of us were in the kitchen hut chatting when I suddenly decided to propose love to her. I just told her I loved her and she accepted my proposal," Yeukai said.

What could be more beautiful? Love blossoming on Christmas Eve.

Asked if he was going to call the baby his son/daughter or nephew/niece, Yeukai could not answer.

"Inga ndataura wani? Ndinzwirei tsitsi varume ndiri kupazama nayo nyaya iyi. (Haven’t I told you enough? Feel pity for me, I am tormented)," he said.

Yeukai said his uncle was furious when he found out what was happening.

"He said the whole family was now a disgrace in the community. Truly, I do not understand how I ended myself in this mess," he said.

It is too bad that others can’t be supportive and that anyone would be made to feel lesser because of the person they love. Wouldn’t the best thing for everyone involved, especially the child, be to celebrate their love and support them in marriage? Superstition should not hold back the freedom to marry.
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