Friday, June 4, 2010

GSA Cure?

Here’s a story out of Australia about Genetic Sexual Attraction that provides an example of what's wrong with coverage of the issue.

Australian couples in sexual relationships with family members are so terrified of being charged with incest they are using online forums to seek help, a leading psychotherapist has told ninemsn.

Many others who aren't in relationships but who feel sexual impulses toward their siblings, mothers or fathers, are also turning to chat rooms for support.

Society needs to let people make their own decisions about their sexuality.

Melbourne-based psychotherapist Gabby Howse told ninemsn GSA sufferers were reaching out online in the hopes of discovering they weren't alone.

The reporter repeatedly uses the word “suffer” in referring to people with GSA, as if they need to be cured of some problem, but the only suffering I see described in the article has to do with prejudice on the part of others. If people weren't so judgmental or bigoted, their family members and neighbors could be true to themselves and enjoy their sexuality.
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