Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This Swiss Court Ruling is Full of Holes

Switzerland still hasn’t granted same-sex couples full marriage equality, and it continues to practice harsher bigotry towards the polyamorous and consanguineous. A Turkish man was denied Swiss citizenship back in May because he was married to more than one woman.

The man became a naturalized Swiss citizen due to his 26-year marriage to a Swiss woman.

But when it came known that he was also married to a woman in Turkey, whom he visited four times a year, the Federal Office for Migration canceled his citizenship status.

This is unfair.

His Swiss wife also was unaware of his Turkish wife.

That is a problem. He should have been open with her. But that is a matter between them and nobody else’s business.

The Federal Court upheld the ruling today, saying naturalization by marriage requires mutual monogamy.

So someone who wants more than one spouse need not apply for citizenship. Why the hate?
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