Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Superfluous Prosecution of Consensual Sex

Here is an example of using unjust laws against consanguineous sex to superfluously punish someone. If someone like this Palm Coast, Florida man, Alton E. Smith, abuses children, then he should have the book thrown at him for doing so. He should get at least fifteen years in prison for abusing children. But why prosecute him for sex with a consenting adult? If the laws can be used against him, they can be used against anyone. The charges stem from his relationship with his adult daughter.

Alton E. Smith, 47, pleaded guilty to two counts of incest, one count of living off the earnings of prostitution and 52 counts of possession of child pornography. In addition to the 15-year prison sentence, Smith is expected to be placed on 15 years sex offender probation and be required to register as a sex offender, according to the plea agreement. He is also barred from having contact with his daughter or wife.

Unless he abused his wife and daughter and they requested protection, how can they justify barring contact?

Smith's plea brings closer to conclusion the sordid situation revealed by a Flagler County Sheriff's Office prostitution sting on Carlos Court in Palm Coast in December 2008.

Isn’t it time to decriminalize prostitution? Sure, go after abusive pimps for assault, threats, whatever, but consenting exchanges between adults are nobody else’s business.

Today's sentencing will leave only Alton Smith's daughter's case unresolved. His daughter is charged with three counts of incest, child neglect and prostitution.

If she neglected her child, then fine - she should be punished. But the incest and prostitution charges are ridiculous.
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