Thursday, May 6, 2010

Malawi May Reduce Freedom to Marry

Another country is preparing to deny more people the right to marry.

The Malawian government has formulated a bill that seeks to ban polygamy. The Ministry of Gender, Child Development and Community Services says the Marriages, Divorce and Family Values bill is meant to protect women and children against “abusive polygamous husbands”.

How about protecting people against abusers? Polygamy doesn’t equal abuse.

The bill proposes that those found to be in polygamous unions be prosecuted and imprisoned for up to five years.

This is oppressive. They are going in the wrong direction. They need to increase the freedom to marry until there is marriage equality, not reduce the freedom to marry. Everyone should be able to marry, regardless of race, sexual orientation, how many people want to be married, or whether or not they are related by blood.

Gender, Child Development and Community Services minister Patricia Kaliati said the bill was intended to enhance family values, adding that it was impossible for a man to share equal love among three or four women.

How would she know that? It is possible for each person to get what they need if they are allowed. It is up to the participants to decide what they want, not someone else. Hate and bigotry are not family values.
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