Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oppression in Zimbabwe

The Herald reports from Zimbabwe that two consenting adults were convicted of a crime for loving each other.

A Mt Darwin brother and sister were last week ordered to perform 260 hours of community service after engaging in an incestuous relationship that culminated in a pregnancy.

Yeukai Semene (23) and his sister Rumbidzai Nyamhanza (19) were found guilty of having sexual intercourse "within a prohibited degree of relationship".

That should not be a crime.

The two were sentenced to 12 months in jail, but four months were suspended on condition that they do not commit a similar offence within the next five years.

The other eight months were suspended on condition that the pair completes 260 hours of community service at Dotito Clinic and Kadohwata Primary School.

It turns out they are half-siblings and first cousins.

Their mothers are biological sisters who were married to a bigamist.

Their family turned them in. So I guess bigamy involving two sisters is okay by them, but love between half-siblings is not? Love is love. Enough with the bigotry.
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