Saturday, May 29, 2010

Adam and Eve

Despite the consensus of scientists, there are many people who believe in Adam and Eve, or some similar beginning to the human race, whether or not they believe everything ancient religious texts say about human origins.

However, if someone does believe that two, and only two, people started off the human race from scratch, if they believe the traditional story of Adam and Eve, then they also have to accept that we are all the products of incest, because Adam and Eve’s children would have had to reproduce with each other or their parents, or both. Proponents of fundamentalist Christianity acknowledge this. You can see a typical discussion of this in this Yahoo Answers link.

Did Adam an Eve's children commit incest?

If they did why don't we have sex with our family members, and if they didn't please explain how it wasn't incest.

Some people have sex with their family members today. A better question would be why consensual sex between any adults is scandalized.

A typical answer to the question is provided that is all too eager to say we should no longer engage in the kind of relationships that supposedly created us in the first place.

According to today's laws and standards, yes they did. However, at that time, there were no laws against such activities, and they knew no difference. Several thousand years after the earth was populated, God gave the law which stated that we were not to have sexual relations with near kin. Now, today, there are laws on the books against it as well.

If this person is going to be consistent in their belief that God gave a law against incest, won’t they also have to admit that the same God also gave lots of other laws at the same time that are no longer followed? Perhaps the laws served their purpose long ago and are no longer needed?

Today, the gene pool is very corrupt and having children with near kin would cause all kinds of problems for many.

This is alarmism. There are children of such relationships who are just fine, and children of people who aren’t closely related to each other who have severe birth defects. Besides, it is not up to anyone else to tell people they can’t love each other or have children. Sex, marriage, and having children are all three different things that don’t have to go together, and don’t always go together, so stop using children as an excuse to deny people the right to love each other.
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