Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Why GSA Will Become Even More Common

Genetic Sexual Attraction is going to become a bigger and bigger issue, and this is one reason why. This isn't the first time that someone involved in IVF or handling sperm for professional purposes has substituted their own sperm. This report comes from in Indiana... [This entry has been bumped up.]
Now, retired doctor, Donald Cline, is charged with two felony counts of obstruction of justice for statements he made to investigators.

Those charges come after a lengthy investigation by FOX59’s Angela Ganote.
Last May, she spoke with a group of eight siblings, and according to court documents, Cline is a DNA match for all of them. The now retired doctor allegedly admitted to some of the siblings his sperm could have been used up to 50 times.
That's just what he's admitted to.

According to court records, this year Dr. Cline admitted to his donor children, “He used his own sperm whenever he didn't have a donor sample available.”  Cline also added, “He felt that he was helping women because they really wanted a baby.”
It is also reasonable to assume that some sperm donors are used more than some practices claim. If there is a shortage of desirable donors, it stands to reason that that, in some programs, donors have been used more than claimed. Money and ego can be powerful incentives to appear to have a successful practice. And what if a donor donates to more than one program? Furthermore, there's no control on how many more children sperm donors will have through natural or artificial means with a spouse or partner.
Some of Dr. Cline’s biological children simply wish they knew how many siblings Dr. Cline produced with his own DNA.

“I want to know every sibling that I have. I don’t think that is ever going to be a possibility,” said one woman we are calling “Carrie.”

“I just want validation. I want to find out as much truth as I can, but I know deep down that we never will know the complete truth as to how many siblings we do have,” said the unidentified sibling.
Whether from sperm, egg, or embryo donation or one night stands, hookups, flings, FWBs, affairs, deliberate cuckolding, divorces/breakups, or adoptions, there are now millions and millions of people who grow up with little or no contact with one or more close genetic relatives, whether a parent, sibling, aunt, uncle, etc. If they meet post-puberty, and the genders and orientations align, there's about a 50% chance at least one of them will experience Genetic Sexual Attraction. This can happen whether or not they're aware of their close genetic relation.

We come into contact with far more "strangers" than we used do, due to the shift to living in densely populated areas, increased mobility, and social networking. It's getting to the point that if you've ever had "causal sex" and the connection with one person in particular seemed especially strong, you might have been with a close relative and not even have known it.

How will we, as a society react to this? Ignoring the realities won't make GSA go away. If we're going to keep making serious criminals out of adults for having consensual sex with each other, we're going to need many more prisons.

A better way is to stop criminalizing, discriminating against, and stigmatizing relationships between consenting adults, studying consanguinamory in general and GSA (whether it leads to consanguinamory or not), and raising awareness. There is no good reason to try to stop consenting adults from loving each other how they mutually agree.
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