Sunday, December 30, 2018

Myth: GSA Doesn't Exist or is Very Rare

Reality: We have many situations today in which people are raised apart of close genetic relatives and are later introduced to, or reunited with, those relatives.

They may have been apart due to one or more of them being the result of affairs, flings, one night stands, or egg/sperm/embryo donations, or because of adoption, divorces or breakups, migration, or incarceration.

Social networking, DNA/ancestry testing, and increased mobility bring them together.

In up to 50% of situations in which they are brought (back) together, when they are post-pubescent and the genders and sexual orientations are compatible, at least one person will experience GSA.

If you know of two heterosexual men who’ve met their heterosexual half-sisters, it is likely at least one of those four people has experienced GSA, even if they’ve never said or done anything to reveal that to you.

There are scientific studies that show that most people are attracted to people who look like them. When close genetic relatives are not raised together or by one another, the Westermarck Effect can hardly develop to override this attraction.  

Genetic Sexual Attraction exists and is common to introductions/reunions of close genetic relatives.

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  1. It's no Myth, GSA does exist, the stigma attached to the subject after my experience with it is ridiculous, it really is no different than any other kind of relationship out there, only that you just so happen to be a family member as well, I think it's possible to be both, you just sort of slide in to a new position in the middle of the roles, I have just come out of a consensual relationship with my half sister, for all it's good points and it's glory, like any other relationship it can fall to pieces too, for some it's a cherished experience, for some it's a way of life, for some it's a one off, it is whatever you make it out to be, whatever that may be, people should be free to have these experiences without outside judgement, embarrassment and harassment, free from prejudicial prosecution, I lived through my experience and I feel no shame or regret for it, it'll always be a special time I look back on in my life, it didn't change me as a person, and I'm fairly this situation would have transpired had I been brought up with my half sister, even if she was a full blood sibling, there are 6 billion people in the world, take science out of the equation and it's not that far fetched to say at least a billion have consensually fumbled with one another lol.

    1. Anonymous, thank you so much for your comments. I'd like to talk with you more. If you could contact me at Fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com that would be great. You can also comment on the blog any time.

  2. I am so happy for this blog and the comments. It is indescribably reassuring to me to know that what I am feeling has a name. I am in love with my half-brother, and we intend to move in together and have a long term relationship. This forum helped give me courage to believe a relationship was possible.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I'm glad we are helping. If we're not already in contact, please write me at fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com

  3. I have often wondered about a strictly genetic cause for this. Let's say a man finds a certain set of features attractive in a woman. If he has offspring with that woman, those male offspring may well find the same type of features attractive, simply because the genes that program the man for that kind of tendency may well be passed down to his sons. And the same for women. We have all heard of the well-known adage that daughters seek a man like their father, and sons seek a wife like their mother, but if I have the same genetic "taste" in women as my father, then isn't this perfectly possible, rather than simply that we find people attractive who look like us? As it happens I'm adopted and nobody I've ever been out with has reminded me of my mother!

  4. Hi, I hope it isn't too intrusive to comment here. If it is, then please delete. I work for a press agency based in London and we're interested in doing a sensitive piece on GSA. If anyone would be open to talking to me, please email me on Thanks.

  5. I believe its more common then people think. I think we dont hear more about it because people dont talk about it much. Im sure most people think about all kinds of things but they dont tell anyone for fear of shame. It doesnt matter what the topic is, if people feel uncomfortable with that subject then they wont talk about it. How often do people talk about their sex lives? Not too many.

  6. I have always been fascinated with how people are attracted to other people who look like them. Its also interesting to see how pets and pet owners look alike. I have seen studies that show that there are like 12 types of faces for everyone on earth. So accordingly, there would be millions upon millions of people that we would be attracted too.

  7. Think about this. If humans are animals too, then we are built to ensure our survival. If we are built to ensure our survival then we are going to be built to be attracted to as many as possible in order to mate and have more offspring. We wouldnt be self limiting. We would be xtinct if we had limitations put on us.


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