Monday, June 20, 2016

Family Rats Out Consanguineous Lovers in Papua New Guinea

From comes this infuriating news of first cousins sent to prison for the "crime" of loving each other.

Two first cousins in East New Britain  in Papua New Guinea were sentenced recently to five years each in jail for having an incestuous relationship.
The National Court in Kokopo sentenced Janice Lucas and Sakia Tobing from Tinganagalip village in Central Gazelle after they were found guilty.
In addition to being cruel, this is a waste of resources.

The court heard that between Jan 2014 and Jan 2016, the two prisoners were having a long term relationship.
When their parents and village elders found out, they tried to stop them but the couple would not listen.
Why should they stop being together?
Even the village court tried to settle the matter several times, but to no avail.
How about leaving them to be?
The father of the male offender took a bold stand and reported the matter to the police and the two were arrested.
Rat. How about being supportive, instead?
The court heard that the father and mother of the two prisoners were biological brother and sister.
The father and mother of the two prisoners expressed great concern over their children’s actions saying it was highly immoral and degrading to the Tolai custom.
What's immoral or degrading about it? Maybe the customs need to change?
Justice Salatiel Lenalia told the two that they did not respect their parents’ concern and that of the community leaders.

And none of them respected the lovers' rights.

First cousins have been marrying for all of human history. Such marriages are still common in many places all over the planet today, In the US, about have of the states will marry first cousins and only a few regressive states criminalize sex between first cousins.

What is the point of throwing them in prison or even denying them their right to marry? There's no good reason. Not one good reason was  given in the article. This is another example of why every country needs full marriage equality and other relationship rights for all consenting adults.
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