Thursday, June 9, 2016

Is the Disney Channel Doing a Polyamory Plotline?

'Girl Meets World'

At I found this publication of something from this write up. It's about what's taking place in the sitcom, "Girl Meets World," which is a successor to the sitcom of yesteryear, "Boy Meets World."

When Season 2 of the series came to an end, Riley (Rowan Blanchard) and Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) were no closer to sorting out their feelings for Lucas (Peyton Meyer) and he definitely wasn’t about to choose between them.
Fast forward to the Season 3 premiere and the group’s first day of high school. After getting hassled by some seniors, Riley and Maya were put on the spot to explain who they were to Lucas. “A girlfriend,” Riley says with hesitation. “A girlfriend, equally as much,” Maya explains of herself.
It would be really great if this was done as a serious, ongoing polyamory situation, rather than a lesson about how Lucas chooses one to the exclusion of the other, or how they both dump him (the most likely sitcom/young adult drama plotlines). These shows need to depict that not all relationships are hetero-monogamous and between a cishet guy and cishet gal of the same race, but not related. It would be great to see polyamory and it would also be great to point out that being in no romantic or sexual relationship at all is fine, too.
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