Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Consenting Adults Imprisoned in Swaziland

Here's another case of an outrageous prosecution of consenting adults for loving each other. Starsky Mkhonta reports at
Police pounced on a brother and sister for continuously having sex, which resulted in two children being born.
The incestuous relationship between Sampi Dlamini (35) who is a soldier and his blood sister Ntombifuthi Dlamini (22) had worried residents of Mahlalini for a long time.
What's to worry about? Why not just let them be?
This newspaper established that the Dlamini siblings had even gone public with their illegal relationship. It is a crime in Swaziland to have a sexual relationship with your biological relative.
It shouldn't be.

As a result, in 2013, a child was born. This infuriated residents who wondered why the family allowed the children to go against the rules of nature and justice.
Huh? It is natural and what is unjust about people loving each other and exercising their reproductive rights?
The relationship gained ground after the child was born. The last straw for some of the annoyed residents was the birth of the second child by the couple.
Why? What harm is it to them? Nowhere in the article is there any indication that the children have any birth defects or health issues, and I'm sure if they did, that would be cited in the article. Like most children born to consanguineous parents, the children are fine.
The two lovebirds were called into a special family meeting where they were grilled about their illegal relationship. They confessed to being madly in love and proud parents of two children.
Shocked by the revelation, it is said the elders of the family were so upset they resolved that the soldier should be taken to task and was as a result ordered to pay seven cattle as fine for what he did to his biological sister.
For loving her?
The matter was subsequently reported to the police and the two were arrested and charged.
How does that help anyone? Sounds like the lovers should have been more cautious.
They appeared in court last week before Principal Magistrate Florence Msibi charged with the crime of incest.
Consenting adults having sex should not be a crime.
Sampi, as first accused, when the court asked him as to how it all started, he said they fell in love years back and claimed he never knew they were blood relatives.
That makes me wonder if they are cousins rather than actual siblings. I recall that cousins are sometimes referred to as siblings in some places.
Principal Magistrate Msibi noted that this was a serious incestuous crime.
Honorable Magistrate Msibi, you should have dismissed this matter from the court. Court interference can be very harmful and these lovers aren't harming anyone.
She then sentenced them to two years in jail with a fine option of E5 000 each.
This is outrageous and unjust. Anywhere on the planet, consenting adults should be free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage, or any of those without the others.
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  1. Dude who cares about Africa. They still burn witches there. Admonishing them for not adhering to the concept of marriage for all adults is like criticizing the Saudis for lack of transgender bathrooms.


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