Thursday, June 30, 2016

Future Impacts of Legalizing Consanguinamory

Jane posted an entry about what will happen after consanguinamory is decriminalized.

However, incest between consenting adults is a completely different subject, there is no victim here, nor is there any valid reason for banning such relationships. To anyone who suggests that legalizing incest would be bad for society, it would be wise to ask them whether France, Spain, Holland, Japan, China, the Russian Federation, or Rhode Island were dealing with societal disasters as a result of incest being legal there. Of course, those countries are NOT lying in ruins or being overrun with predatory perverts.
Yes, we have places that are examples we can study.
The charge that we would fundamentally change the function of the family unit or threaten family cohesion is ridiculous. There is a vast amount of diversity in what we call the modern family to begin with, and we are just one small part of that diversity. There are many things which can disrupt a family unit, most of which are perfectly legal. Take divorce for instance, that certainly upsets the functioning and cohesion of the family unit at least in the short term, but we don’t outlaw divorce because of this.
"Changing the function of the family unit" and "threat to family cohesion" was what they about interracial marriage, too.

People who are, or have been, involved in consanguinamory are everywhere.

What will happen when we decriminalize and accept consanguinamory?

1. More people will be together happily without having to hide. Currently, most people in consanguinamorous relationships are at least partially closeted, causing endless problems, not just for them, but many others around them.

2. More people will cooperate with law enforcement to stop real crimes that actually have victims, and there will be less wasting of law enforcement resources on victimless crimes. There are people who are going through the criminal courts right now and others who are sitting in jail right now who are there because of their relationship with another adult. There are people who are not cooperating with law enforcement about crimes with actual victims because to cooperate would risk their own victimless "crime" being revealed to law enforcement, or because they distrust law enforcement because of these ridiculous  laws against consensual (to be redundant) sex.

3. More people will get the health care they need because they can be honest with professionals, including psychiatrists, therapists, gynecologists, obstetricians, and pediatricians, among others, who would find it easier to be trained to deal with the issues involved.

4. Fewer people will cheat because they were able discuss the issues of consanguinamory and Genetic Sexual Attraction, get counseling if needed, and won’t feel pressured into turning someone into a beard without their knowledge.

5. Fewer people we be unwittingly used as beards.

That all sounds great. Let's make it happen sooner rather than later. There's no good reason to continue to deny people their rights.
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