Tuesday, April 12, 2016

An Ally Writes an Editorial on Utah

Connor Boyack writes at that the constitution of Utah should be amended to decriminalize polygamy...
Utah's Enabling Act, passed by Congress to allow the Utah territory to create a constitution, form a state government, and become a member of the Union, notes that Utah's admittance would be "on an equal footing with the original States." And yet, the same act contains a mandatory provision forced upon the state which few other states (those with early Mormon influence, like Utah) were required to include in their constitution: a prohibition on polygamy, or plural marriage.
Things are a lot different now. Marriage is a fundamental right and women are now considered people rather than property.
Despite that plea, many will still write this issue off, assuming that most or all polygamists are monsters of the Warren Jeffs variety, deserving of whatever punishment they are given. The facts simply do not support this theory; most polygamists are in mutually consenting adult relationships and loving families. They should, like the rest of us, be presumed innocent until proven guilty of anything — not considered felons outright merely because of their voluntary family arrangement.
If adults agree to live in a polygynous marriage, or a polyandrous marriage, or a same-gender triad, or some other relationship or marriage, nobody  should be able to stop them. There is no good reason to try. Utah is the only state I know of where polyfidelity is still criminalized. That needs to change, and nationwide full marriage equality is needed.

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