Thursday, February 5, 2015

Kody Brown Should Not Have to Legally Divorce to Legally Marry

The latest news about the Browns of the television series "Sister Wives" shows one of the problems  with denying the polygamous freedom to marry as part of the overall denial of full marriage equality.

reports at

The reality show's patriarch Kody Brown has divorced one woman so he can marry another, E! Online has confirmed. Before the divorce, Brown was only legally married to Meri, but called three other women his spouses: Janelle, Christine and Robyn. Under the radar, Brown recently divorced Meri and is now legally wed to Robyn, the youngest sister wife. 
I don't think it is has been made public yet why this legal change was made.
Though neither Brown nor TLC explained why the family went forward with the divorce, entertainment website Zap2it suggests the swap may have been made to provide Robyn's three kids from a previous relationship with more security within the family. 

Between the four wives, the Browns have 17 children.

That's still not as many as the  monogamist Duggars.

There is no good reason to deny any of them their freedom to marry. If each of the women wants to be legally married to him, they should have that choice. He shouldn't have to legally divorce one to legally marry another. As long as all involved are consenting adults, they should not be denied their right to marry.

The US Supreme Court should make a decisive ruling for the rights of ALL adults.
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