Monday, July 6, 2015

Update on Lovers Denied Their Rights

In September 2014, we ran this interview with a consanguinamorous couple expecting a child. They recently agreed to an update of how they're doing. Read their initial interview so that you'll understand what's going on with this update.


FULL MARRIAGE EQUALITY: Our previous interview was published in September, when you were pregnant. How was the pregnancy?

Jenna: It was good. There were no problems during the pregnancy. I gave birth in November.

FME: How was the delivery?

Jenna: Very painful, but I’d do it again.

FME: How have things been since our previous interview and since your baby was born?

Jenna: Things have been great. We’ve moved to a bigger house since our last interview and we are living as a couple still.

FME: How is your baby doing?

Jenna: She’s doing wonderfully. Her doctor says she one of the healthiest babies he’s seen.

FME: What have you told people about the baby's father?

Jenna: Most of our family knows it’s his. We confessed our relationship to most of the family, and, to our surprise, they were all okay with it. They just wanted to be sure it was fully consensual. But after that, they’ve said nothing about it and have just kind of accepted it.

FME: Are you still in school, or taking a break?

Jenna: No, I plan to go back but haven’t yet. I’ve been taking care of our daughter and just haven’t found the time to go back.

FME: Are you still in construction, John?

John: No. I was laid off from construction, but I've since found a factory job, where I make double what I made at my old job, so no complaints from me!

FME: Are you still dating others?

Jenna: No, not really. We are still open to it but just haven’t in a while.

FME: Since our previous interview, have you met up with anyone else in a consanguinamorous relationship?

Jenna: Yes, a brother and sister couple we met through Tumblr.

FME: Did the recent Supreme Court ruling give you hope about a future marriage, or at least no longer having laws against your love?

Jenna: It’s made us realize that people are more open minded then we thought and it does give us hope but we won’t hold our breath on it.

FME: Any plans for the future?

Jenna: I hope that I’ll finish my college in the near future. We also hope our daughter will grow up as open-minded as her parents, because in today’s world you just can’t be closed-minded and set in your beliefs. I’m not saying you have to believe everyone else's beliefs; you just have to be willing to accept people are different from one another.


There you have it. Consenting adults who STILL aren't hurting anyone, who are raising a child together, and face discrimination and denial of their rights simply for loving each other.

Jenna has a NOT SAFE FOR WORK Tumblr:

Why should they be denied their rights? There’s no good reason.We need to recognize that all adults should be free to be with any and all consenting adults as they mutually consent, and part of doing that is adopting relationship rights for all, including full marriage equality sooner rather than later. People are being hurt because of a denial of their basic human rights to love each other freely.

You can read other interviews I have done here.

If you are in a relationship like this and are looking for help or others you can talk with, read this.

Thank you to Jenna and John for doing this update! If you want to be interviewed about your "forbidden" relationship, connect with me by checking under the "Get Connected" tab there at the top of the page.
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  1. So, when her little girl grows up, can she have sex with her father/grandfather, or will Jenna be against it?

    1. I can't speak for them, but they might be in a closed relationship by then. In general, the law should not prevent consenting, available adults from being together.

    2. I truly dont mean to sound hateful but what me and my family does isnt yours to joke about if you dont like it or just wanna poke fun why even read it or comment
      p.s. i dont know you but im happy and have family wbu?

  2. I want to offer my congratulations to the happy couple, for the successful birth of their child and for the fact that they are still happy together and doing well. My brother and I are still happy together and raising a daughter of our own, and it makes me happy to see other consanguineous couples out there like us.

    -Liz Smith

  3. How do you explain your realtionship to her? I worry your child confusion. Family role especially,father's love and mother's love have an effect every children.I concern If she will think light of family value.most people don't have incest.I believe human cherish family value.maybe we will cherish and keep family love .please don't ingnore this.

    1. Children are primarily comcerned with themselves, and who is looking out for them. As long as the are cared for, they don't give a rip if their parents are genetically close relatives to each other,

    2. Maybe first generation incest don't have huage impact family role.but if incest will continue second generation, third generation it will cause broken family value. You have to know family role is not limit conditions. It's our precious value.I agree peple free will also have same value.maybe in future family role also will change.but mother and father role will not change easy.this role is important.because their role will effect their child(or one human being).You think this role and value restrict people free.please think this. Keeping Parent - child relationship is not limit.this relationship have HUGE HUGE IMPACT ONE HUMAN don't have to ignore this. When incest continue generations, family role will disappear(mother's love and father's love)

    3. Incestous children will grow adult. Please interview incestous children. I wonder how they think family value and have ability keeping family role,ability recognizing mother's love and father's love.if incestous children don't have ability keeping family value, incest will continue generations. And it will cause broken family role.I want to know incestous children thought(especially ability recognizing family value) your blog update suject about equality.but I think ability keeping family role(incestous children) subject also important. You have to research this subject.If incestous chile have this ability, I will agree your opinionIt will mean they dont think light of family role and value.I appreciate your action and your opinion about equality.(for transgender ,gay,poly)

    4. I agree cousins marriage.but parent and child relationship can not agree basically.(EXCEPT GSA) I think parent and child relationship is our core role.I don't recommend this relationship.NON GSA parents and children already form their role and family love. I live in south korea. Cousins marriage is illegal in South korea.I agree cousins marriage. Because more and more distant relatives family role is weak.but parent and children is VERY VERY VERY CLOSE AND THEIR ROLE IS IMPORTANT.I write agian although above my comments.I'm sorry. Your thought of equality is honorable. I hope your action will get good results.

  4. I agree people have rights to love their wishes.but please remember family love is as important as your free will.most people don't have incest.there is reason for everything.because human cherish family.I worry incestous children will think light of family value when they become will affect their choice and their worth. Please teach her to form sense of family value. I wish your baby will grow healthy and happy.

  5. Was your daughter a planned pregnancy?


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