Tuesday, July 7, 2015

We Get Haters

We get comments and messages from lover and allies thankful for what we're doing here.

Every once in a while, we get some haters, too.

We accept comments disagreeing with equality, but we don't publish comments that are nothing but hate or have words not allowed on broadcast television or radio during most hours by the US Federal Communications Commission. The FCC doesn't care if those words are used here, but we want to keep the content and discourse here as Safe For Work as possible.

An anti-equality columnist linked here, and maybe it is just coincidence, but we got a string of hateful comments, probably from the same sad, angry person bitter that equality is winning, who spent quite a while reading through different posts here, apparently. Most of the comments didn't meet our standards as they were written, but I'll include some of them below, with certain offending words redacted.

Don't bother to keep reading this entry if you're not in the mood for such putrid ignorance. I find it encouraging that the anti-equality holdouts have no effective arguments. It tells me we're going to win sooner rather than later.

Many of the comments were in response to other comments left on this entry answering “How Common is Consanguinamory?” There was an assertion that one commenter assaulted his sister, which clearly doesn’t match what was said. And the comments kept coming.
Royals and peasants have also buggered animals and corpses since time began. That doesn't make it healthy, dears.
That has nothing to do with the discussion. The commenter wants to control the sexuality of others, but has failed to provide a reason why.
Lawmakers are "close-minded" because of what incest does to procreation, you imbecile f---s.
That’s just ignorance. See here and here.

Referring to siblings, this was written…
It's not a romantic kind of love, not supposed to be dips---
It’s an assertion, not even an argument. “It’s not supposed to be this way!” According to whom? Even if the person commenting doesn't like it, there are siblings, some who weren't raised together and some who were, who are living happy, healthy lives together, with romantic and erotic joy.
"God wants us to love one another and humans are best lovers when they are making love sexually."

Yes, I'm sure Charles Manson would agree as he manipulated his followers to do the same! Make one big "family", a--hole.
Yes, because consensual sex is just like multiple murders, right?
Anonymous November 13, you do need help or this will destroy you. Most know by instinct that it's wrong and I can't believe you weren't at least taught otherwise. Many people do things they regret when they're young. Please get help.
It’s not helpful to attack people and make them ashamed of their bodies or sexuality.

Here’s another gem…
You're really sick and stupid…
Such a powerful argument, isn’t it? There was a bemoaning that people might still be minors when they experiment with each other, even though this has been able to go on for all of human history and the only suffering people have had from such mutual exploration is the hatred others shout about it. And this…
Well, thoughtless animals unite (and be sure to call it normal). I've never seen such sick congratulatory filth in my life. Keep thinking it's normal freaks, because the moment you realize it's not it will kill you.
I’m thinking this person is very frustrated, and wants everyone else to be as well. Moving on to other posts, on this entry about polyamory, the comment was…
Sure. Just ask people who left sex cults or polygamous marriages.
And what about people who’ve left monogamous marriages and other religions? There are abusive people in polygamous marriages, but there are abusive people in monogamous marriages as well. There are abusive people in various religious groups. None of this has anything to do with CONSENSUAL relationships involving ethical nonmonogamy. Allowing consenting adults to be together how they mutually agree will actually cut down on abuse because people are less likely to enter or stay in abusive situation and more likely to cooperate with law enforcement to prosecute abusers.

After this entry about a birth mother seeking help
This woman should be advised to get counseling, and keep this from her son. God help her and save her from sickos who would encourage her to wreck their lives.
Funny, the most harm comes from people like the person commenting. Don’t want her life ruined? Stop attacking her and others like her.

After this entry about the book The Husband Swap
The argument is very simple, hon: marriage is about union. You're not united to your husband if you join someone else's; in fact, you might as well sleep around and be "united" to anyone, which really means being united to no one. You're not a slut, you're logically faulted.
Basically, this comment was, “You can only be monogamous. Because I say so. And if you’re not monogamous, you might as well have sex with everyone!” It’s a bunch of nonsense.

Finally, after this entry about closeted lovers, this was left…
No dear, the argument against you is not bs, it's based on biological fact discovered centuries before now. Hearing you deny this makes me satisfied to see your fear.
So this cruel person claims “biological fact.” What biological fact is that? The biological facts we have seen over and over again is that some close relatives who were not raised together are strongly attracted to each other. And as we can see, there isn’t any good reason why they should be denied their rights. While many comments were left, none provided a logical reason why consenting adults should be denied their rights.
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