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Arub Syed Looks at a Taboo

This report by Arub Syed at is all over the map and an example of why terminology is important.  It is under the headline of "The Issue of Incest in Asian Society."

The Issue of Incest in Asian Society

But early examples of incest relate as far back as Ancient Greece, where myths spoke of incestuous relations between brothers and sisters. Incestuous marriages were also a norm in the royal houses of Japan and Korea throughout the Middle Ages.
In the Indian state of Haryana, cases of incest have become widely reported. In 2010, a man in his 50’s was found having sexual relations with his married 30-year-old daughter for almost a year. Other similar cases uncover how deep this taboo is rooted within Asian culture.
They were consenting adults. Whether her spouse consented to nonmonogamy, this report doesn't say.

Naresh Kumar, from Rohera village insists: “Yeh to hame virasat mein mili hai [incest is a part of our tradition].”

And historians agree. IIT-Delhi professor, Ravinder Kaur, explains: “In the pre-Independence era, in some parts of north India, the father-in-law almost had the right to physical relations with a daughter-in-law, and in most cases the female was not in a position to resist much."
In other words, it was often assault, which is an entirely different matter from sex. Also, being with an in-law usually isn't a matter of consanguineous interaction.
"Widows would routinely be married to a brother of the dead husband. Sharing of the wife by brothers was also not uncommon.”
Also not consanguineous.
In addition, the repressive society that stops men and women from forming relationships intensifies the bonds they feel at home:

Well, yeah, if you keep young people from being alone with anyone but family, then experimentation is more likely to happen with family.
Currently, the Indian Penal Code does not contain any set laws against incest, but if the victim is a minor, it can be treated as a case of child sexual abuse under Section 90 of the Code (read our article here).
That's exactly the way it should be everywhere.

The article then goes on to focus on child abuse, and then the fetish side.
Incest as a sexual fetish is even extending to the porn industry. Dan O’Connell, co-founder of Girlfriend Films says:

“I would say that [incest] is currently the most widespread theme in adult movie-making. Just the mention will make consumers belly up to the bar and plunk down good money for titles that seem to promise blood-relative incest.”

A simple Google search of ‘incest indian’ will produce search results of  websites citing many erotic stories related to this practice of sexual relationships.
To steal a line, you shouldn't be allowed to enjoy this kind of media while also opposing rights for people in consanguinamorous relationships.

There is no good reason to deny consenting adults their rights to share love, sex, residence, and marriage (or any of those without the others). Romance and recreation between consenting adults should not be lumped in with assault, especially assaulting children.
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  1. The article mentions two sites: Family 4 Love and

    Does anyone know if these are legitimate sites? By that I mean are they dedicated to consensual adult incest? Or are they places where paedophiles lurk?

    1. Pedophiles lurk everywhere. Just look at certain churches. Unless the people managing a forum are constantly on top of things, there's going to be some pedophiles. I highly recommend a porn-free forum called Kindred Spirits: but be sure to read and immediately follow the rules if you sign up.

    2. Is that forum invite only?

      It says I have been banned from the forum.

    3. What did you do? If you said something shady or are under age, you won't get in.

    4. Family4Love is full of pedophiles. Stay away from it.

  2. I did nothing. I've never been there before.

    Thanks for the warning about Family4Love. I want nothing to do with such people.

  3. I am from India. Yes. It is true. India currently does not have any law against incest. The Indian Government does not arrest anyone for practising incest. If any incest case comes to their notice, Indian people laugh at the couples and forget the matter there. Even the Indian police make light of incest cases But, just like in other countries, here too people have hypocritical pretensions to an anti-incest attitude.

    The problem (or relief) in this matter is - that India is not one single culture though the country is predominantly Hindu by faith. Different States in India have different sets of sexual morals and funnily the people of one State accuse other States of incestuous practices. In India, cousin marriages are a tradition in a third of the States like Andhra and Telangana where the marriage between uncle and niece is also deemed to be sacred. In some areas in these States, one can also marry his own aunt (mother's sister). In the State of Meghalaya, the son-in-law is under an obligation to marry his mother-in-law if widowed. At another place in the State of Tamil Nadu, all the brothers in a household should compulsorily marry one single woman while in States like Haryana, it is optional. In an Indian tribe called Baiga, son marrying his own widowed biological mother is a norm. Throughout the country, some men prefer to keep their own father's mistress after he died though she is older to them in age. So the Indian government is unable to legislate a common anti-incest law because it will amount to angering large incestuous populations of the land and it might lead to large scale rebellion and civil unrest.

    1. What has been said here is true on cousin marriages and uncle-niece.
      Other items like son in law marrying his widowed mother in law and news about Baiga community is a news to me as well.

      I have witnessed quite a few cousin marriages in my community and progeny out of this type of couplings are normal.

  4. Hi Keith, point understood. This is exactly why I mentioned the other opinion “People are quick to defend gay relationships because they say they should be allowed to do as they please. Why doesn’t this rule apply to two consenting adults who want to be in an incestuous relationship?”
    I myself am all for marriage equality, as long as it involves two consenting adults. Obviously there are certain types of incest which involve paedophilia, which are of course wrong. I covered different types of incest in this article, consensual and non consensual. The article is also edited and changed further by others, and there are certain guidelines which I have to follow.
    Arub Syed


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