Saturday, January 5, 2019

Myth: GSA is an Excuse for Pedophilia

Reality: Since Genetic Sexual Attraction involves people who are post-pubescent, by definition it doesn't involve pedophilia.

GSA can be experienced by and towards post-pubescent minors (for example, 17-years-old where the age of consent is 18) and as such, it is possible that acting sexually in such situations breaks age of consent laws.

Reunion GSA can be experienced by anyone who is post-pubescent towards someone else who is post-pubescent, provided the sexual orientations and genders align (for example, a strictly gay man will not experience GSA for his sister) and the necessary conditions exist (close genetic relation, negligible presence from age seven into puberty). As such, middle-aged half-siblings who are reunited may experience it. A genetic parent may experience it for their genetic child, but a 45-year-old being attracted to 25-year-old isn't pedophilia.

GSA does not provide an excuse to abuse children. There is no excuse to abuse children.

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  1. One of the many things that I love about this blog is the facts. You dont just state an opinion. You back everything up. If GSA were an excuse for pedophilia, then pretty much anything could be an excuse for pedophilia. Being a minister or pastor of a church , a boyscout leader,a mentor, bus driver, a stay at home dad, or even a teacher could be an excuse for pedophilia. Where do we draw the lines? If we are to ever move ahead in life as a society we need to get past all the myths and hatred that just stems from peoples opinion. We need to stick with facts not opinions. There is no excuse to deny full marriage equality based upon opinions.

  2. And technically, as was the subject of an earlier post on this blog, just as GSA is an attraction while incest is an action, so too is pedophilia an attraction while sexual abuse of a child is an action. The world is surely full of pedophiles (people who are attracted to children) who are also good people who never would and never will act on their feelings. This is a fact we should all recognize, and thank God we don't have to deal with feelings like that.


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