Monday, January 6, 2014

Discovering Polyamory Through People You Know

At, has a piece on polyamory. Some names were changed to protect people from bigotry. It starts with coworkers...
One day, Ray asked, “You do know that I’ve got a woman friend, don’t you?”

He went on to say that he was married and living together with his wife and children, but that his wife knew about his ‘bit on the side’. Ray explained that they were in an open, ‘polyamorous’ relationship.

While this threw Angie initially, when Ray got a message from Liz, his wife, saying she had arrived at her lover’s house, she finally understood. She still found this confronting, but it was also liberating. Hearing that two adults could have an honest and open relationship with such a high level of communication was astounding to her.

When someone realizes they know polyamorous people, it can be eye-opening.
The groundbreaking book, The Ethical Slut, was written by Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy. Both women are practicing polyamorists. Having embraced this lifestyle in the 60s, Easton has lived the polyamorous lifestyle on an ongoing basis, even raising a child with her many different partners, some of who are more permanent than others.

She prefers to use the term ‘slut’ rather than polyamorous.

“We use that word very defiantly to open up people’s definitions of how powerful sexuality can be.”

They use the word slut to encompass all forms of open, honest and ethical sexuality, from swinging to open relationships to triads, quads and communities.

But how can we possibly love more than one person at once?

Most people do, at least at some point in their lives.

It's nice to see more and more media offering a basic explanation of polyamory.
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