Saturday, December 28, 2013

Some People Have Attractive Cousins

Sigh. When will "we" stop broadly condemning the relationships of others because of our own personal dislikes or ignorance? At I found a bit by with the headline "WTF? People Are Tweeting Their Incest Fantasies." We're talking about cousins.

Maybe I’m being too judgmental by thinking people who find their cousins hot is totally creepy and wrong, but this kind of thing has been making people feel weird for a long time.
You are needlessly attacking people and you are wrong about people feeling weird about it. For most of human history, most people have married a cousin. It is still common in many places. Half of US states will legally marry first cousins.
Perhaps some people don’t consider kissing cousins to be as stomach-churningly horrifying as say brother-sister or parent-child stuff, but uh, whatever the degree of separation, finding your family hot is still something you might want to keep between you and your analyst.
Maybe if you reword that and make it about interracial relationships, you'll see why this statement is hurtful.

Maybe her cousins aren't attractive? But some people have attractive cousins.

She was referring to this bit.

To read about a real family that is hurt by attacks like this one, I recommend checking out this blog.
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  1. Einstein married his cousin :)

  2. I have an uncle (many times removed) who married his first cousin once removed. This would have been before the 1900s, btw. When society would have been inclined to have even more moral restrictions against it. Apparently, this woman would rather none of certain parts of my family ever existed. Ugh.

  3. I think there are plenty of people who find *family members* attractive, but cousins getting together is more 'acceptable' than siblings or parents and their adult children.


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