Monday, December 16, 2013

Interesting Search Phrase of the Day

Someone came to this blog via this search...
Incest couples getaway retreat

Whether someone was looking for themselves or just curious to see if such places exist, the search using that phrase is a reminder that consanguineous lovers often have to hide their love close to home. They may not be able to talk about the love of their lives with coworkers, neighbors, or even members of their own family. Just walking hand-in-hand on a night out on the town can be risky.

As such, especially if they haven’t been able to move to reside where people are unaware of their status as close relatives, a vacation away (“holiday” for some of you) can be very liberating. Romantic dinners, kisses, holding hands, embracing, dancing, and sharing a room can be done without fear. How much more enjoyment can such lovers get if they also get to openly meet, in-person, others who are consanguinamorous?

Such a resort destination would ideally be located where there are no laws against consanguinamory and where there is some ability to provide privacy for visitors, who still have lives, including careers, to which they’ll be returning. It would help to be somewhere that has other tourist and business travelers, so as to not automatically be associated with being a vacation destination for consanguineous lovers in the mind of the average person in the general pubic. Sounds to me like a Lily Pad is needed.
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