Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Search Phrase of the Day

Someone came to my blog by searching the phrase...
Actual incest in front of non family
Now that's an interesting concept. Many people have fantasies and some people have actual experience in a threesome with two close relatives, often siblings or parent and adult child.. If the close relatives do anything sexual with each other in the process, that is considered consensual incest. With as common as consanguineous sex is, there are bound to be others who see it, either by accident or intention. It can happen at a swingers party or play party, perhaps with witnesses not even knowing the people involved are close relatives.

Since consanguinamory is still illegal in many places and people in consanguinamorous relationships are subject to discrimination and want to protect themselves, most such lovers will never have sex in front of other people. And, of course, many people are shy or want privacy and would never have sex at all in front of others whatever the circumstances.

Being present for consanguinamory can be a quite an experience. Have you ever seen consanguineous sex? Or, if you have experience with consanguinamory, has you ever done anything in front of people outside the family?
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