Thursday, May 2, 2013

Uganda With the Wind

Uganda sure seems like a hellhole, with the corruption and the horrifying human rights record. Extreme homophobia is enough reason to stay way from the place. Now comes this report from Betty Angatai at about how some married heterosexuals are treated. I hope all peaceful and loving people can get out of there.
A 40-year-old man in Mayuge district has been expelled from his ‘Baise Magumba’ clan over incest after he married his 25-year-old niece.

Jowali Waiswa, a resident of Kavule village in Imanyiro sub-county, was on Sunday expelled after his clan members complained about his act of marrying a relative, an act that is against the norms of the clan and the Busoga culture.

Dalausi Magumba, the leader of the clan, said Waiswa secretly married his sister’s daughter and has stayed with her for six years, during which they have produced three children.
And yet the world didn't end. So why not leave them alone to love each other? Notice that no mention is made that there is anything wrong with the children. I'm sure that would have been included if there was.

Before he was expelled, Waiswa was tasked to avail the clan with three goats, two doves and two black cocks as a fine for cleansing his misdeeds.
If he has two to give, then that's the biggest news of all! (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) Sounds to me like the clan just wanted some more goats and birds.
He is also alleged to have slept with his grandmother before she passed away two years back.
Maybe the two cocks were too much for her?
However, in his defence, Waiswa said he was cursed by his parents. He pleaded guilty to all the accusations.
Maybe if he'd given his parents two cocks, one for each of them, they wouldn't have cursed him?

In a similar development, residents of Bulondo village in Buwaya sub-county also expelled Saida Naigaga, 60 and her daughter Hajira Kauma, 38 from the area for allegedly engaging in quarrels and fights over a man.

Sounds like he only had one cock to give, and they both wanted it at the same time?

Sorry, folks. Inside every man there's a 13-year-old boy who sometimes gets out. Getting serious, the real news here is that anyone is trying to stop consenting adults from loving each other in the way they want. It's waste of time at "best" and cruel at its worst. It shouldn't be anyone else's concern if other adults get together or break up.
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