Thursday, May 16, 2013

Indie Movie Features Consanguinamorous Feelings

at reviews Dan Sallitt's independent movie, "The Unspeakable Act", giving it three stars...

The Unspeakable Act
Written and directed by Dan Sallitt (a former Reader contributor), this hushed, discreet indie drama details the complicated relationship between two siblings of a tight-knit, upper-middle-class Brooklyn family. Seventeen-year-old Jackie (Tallie Medel), the bright and seemingly well-adjusted younger daughter, harbors romantic and sexual feelings for her 18-year-old brother, Matthew (Sky Hirschkron). He never openly reciprocates them, but they share an intimacy that complicates their other relationships. 
Sounds interesting, no?
The Unspeakable Act isn't presented as a case study of incestuous behavior, nor does it offer any insights into the psychology of incestuous desire. In fact it actively works against the Oedipal notions we bring to an incest story. In the grand tradition of French director Eric Rohmer, to whom Sallitt dedicates the film, The Unspeakable Act is a story in which transgression is considered but never acted upon.

Hmmm. Based on the review, the movie doesn't provide endorsement or defense of consanguinamorous feelings.

I do want to see a well-made movie in which there is a lasting consanguinamorous relationship, with the biggest problem being the discrimination faced by the lovers. Relationships like that do exist, and their story should be told more often. What would be the icing on the cake would be to have an actual sibling pair be the actors. Hollywood does have some successful brothers and sisters, who could probably "get away" with taking on the challenge. On the other hand, it might launch the career of a struggling pair of sibling actors. I recall reading somewhere of actors who were siblings who had a romantic kissing scene, but the characters were not siblings.

Anyway, this is as good of time as any to mention again that Diane Rinella has a book called Love's Forbidden Flower.
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