Thursday, April 12, 2018

Tragic Reunion Genetic Sexual Attraction Case

TRIGGER WARNING: murder, child murder, suicide

Reunion GSA can happen to people of all backgrounds and dispositions. It happens to good people. It happens to abusive people. It happens to people with mental illnesses and people with no mental illness. It happens to people who've always known they've had a "long lost" close genetic relative out there somewhere, and those who had no idea. Although we maintain that consenting adults should have the right to be in relationships of their mutual agreement, we know not everyone should be in a relationship and not every person is right for every other person; even when there is strong reciprocal attraction.

In what has to be one of the most tragic cases I've ever seen, it appears a man who’d been outed in widespread media coverage and facing criminal prosecution because of a GSA relationship with an adult daughter he didn’t raise, reportedly murdered their child, murdered her, murdered her adoptive father, then killed himself.

Steven Pladl and Katie Pladl should never have been outed against their will.

They should never have been arrested.

They should never have been in the media against their will for being in a relationship.

They should have had access to effective, well-researched support and counseling.

People should be free to be together and raise their child together. From what I understand the baby in this case was healthy until the murder.

If the elder Pladl did indeed commit these murders, he made the worst decision he could have. If there was any prior indication that he was violent, Katie and their baby Bennet Pladl should have been protected from him. 

If you’re feeling suicidal, get help. If you’re feeling violent or hopeless, get help.

If someone is abusive or violent or threatening, get away from them, no matter who they are to you.

Don’t treat people like criminals for being together. The overwhelmkng majority of reunion GSA relationships are not abusive, thankfully, and most are never subjected to prosecution. Focus on stopping abusers.

Our sympathies are with the loved ones of the murder victims.


Infamous Abuse Cases Have Nothing to Do With Consanguinamory

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  1. CBS News reported that Pladl murdered his infant child in North Carolina then drove eight hours or more to murder Katie. It was premeditated. This goes to show that reunion GSA isn’t limited to nice people. Pladl was a foul and evil man.

    1. According to what we know, I agree with your assessment.

  2. May I copy this post and post it verbatim prefaced with an attribution?

  3. Yes, the pladle suffered a great loss, we too, lost.
    As the result of a hiddeous merderous act, executed by the father.
    What still no ones considers is that there is no report from a previous violent or abusive incident.By him.
    Someone no different from every second white american of his age and nivau.
    He didn't want to surrender his family.
    there is this term. crime of honor Your Excelency, which was commited by a citizen whose right to family and privacy was not protected.
    If we must condemn someone, We must take in consideration whether hideous acts were enacted under one's free will, of what steve, let's say, was planning to do with his family before law intruded in their sleeping chamber.

    If you are a human and not a bot answer me this:
    where his child's child were today.
    as aways friendly, a.


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