Monday, April 30, 2018

Physical Security for Consanguinamorous Couples

...and triads, etc.

U.N. Owen is back as a guest blogger. Yes, we accept submissions.

Consang couples face the same risk of mugging and home invasion that Regular couples do. It's not a pleasant thing to say, but they face an additional risk of mob violence. At least one couple I'm aware of was physically assaulted, blackmailed, and threatened with deadly force in their home by a group of violent thugs after they were outed to same. This occurred in the southern US several years ago. I have a credible (though secondhand) account of this incident, which I have shared with Keith.

In better days when we have equality, we won't have this risk, at least not as much. But we are not in better days yet. And home invasions will still happen. 

So I'd like to suggest that couples take reasonable and prudent measures to protect themselves. I'm not advocating that we live in fear, just with reasonable caution and prudent preparation.

The first, and best, option is simply to make sure that it never happens. Never reveal your love to anyone who might out you, either to the police or to anyone else. Trust others only when you are absolutely sure you can, and limit that to only those who need to know.

The second best option, if you are attacked, is to escape. If you don't fight, you won't be hurt. There is no benefit to being macho in this situation, and you are not a coward if you can run away from trouble. Famous self-defense experts like Massad Ayoob agree on this.

Third best is to prep to survive an attack, whether from a home invasion or a mob. Take additional prudent measures to secure your home. Most people already know about deadbolt locks, solid outer doors, alarms, dogs, and the like. Additional security measures can be taken, such as setting up a "safe room" inside your home and especially where you sleep. There are a lot of Internet resources on securing your home. Google is your friend.

Whether you arm yourself is your personal choice, at least in places that allow you to. If you do, please be sure to get trained by a certified trainer, practice regularly, and handle your arms safely.

I'd appreciate your comments about what steps you have taken to protect yourselves and your home from violent intruders.


Thanks, U.N. Owen. These are excellent considerations.

When people are criminalized for loving other consenting adults, they are easy targets for real crimes, because predators know that the victims will be reluctant to go to law enforcement authorities.

As pointed out, any good self-defense expert or instructor will say that the best way to defend yourself is to not get into a fight in the first place. Avoid attacks. De-escalate. Run.

Avoiding trouble in the first place is better than having to deal with trouble, but sometimes there isn't a choice. Keeping that closet door closed and moving somewhere that you're not known as genetic/blood relatives can do much to protect you. Especially if you're going to live together, you might want to keep people who knew you from tracking you down by purchasing your residence via a revocable trust. A good lawyer and help you set that up. A revocable trust makes it much more difficult for someone to find your address of residence.
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