Monday, April 16, 2018

More Details of and Reaction to Tragic GSA Case

We've been following a tragic case in the news in which a man who apparently experienced reciprocal reunion GSA apparently murdered three people before committing suicide. We've previously linked to reaction from Jane and here's more recent reaction from her.

At, Nicholas Rondinone and David Owens have more details.
A 911 call reveals that suspected killer Steven Pladl’s daughter, with whom he had a romantic relationship and had fathered a child, broke up with him on Wednesday, one day before police say he killed her, her adoptive father and himself.
Sadly, this sort of violence happens in all sorts of relationships all too often. It can hardly be blamed on GSA.
The 911 call was made in North Carolina by Pladl’s mother on Thursday morning. His mother, who is not identified, told the dispatcher that Pladl called her at about 8:45 a.m. after opening fire on his daughter and her adoptive father in New Milford. Shortly after he called his mother, Pladl killed himself.
This is so awful.

Adults should be free to have their relationships, and should also be free to end relationships. We can't know for sure what was going through the dead murderer's mind, but he was probably under extreme stress and despair. If the information provided is accurate, he killed his own infant, and then deliberately drove to stalk and murder his genetic daughter and the man who raised her (her legal and social father).

Therapists need to be prepared to help people experiencing GSA, and one way of helping to bring that about will be ending criminalization of GSA and discrimination against consanguinamory.
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  1. i understand the need to distantiate ourselves from unhealthy actions of abuse and violence. we simply do not agree.
    But I would like you to include my opinion conserning the tragic case of the family pladle.
    i do not want to make anyone nervous. i condemn as well any expression of violence, indifferent from where it outsources.

    but it angers me when people who have experienced GSA themselves are ready to reproduse the psychik disorder stereotype.

    Where is the respect for the person pladl?
    why was he propably instabile when he confronted an incarcaration of minimum ten years? how many persons do anyone from our readers know who are ready to put their hand in the pocket and pull out one million dollars to pay a bail out? the same amount twice?
    i know no one . while he would stay confined, elsewhere his daughter would lose custodian rights or even parental ones to their child.
    his boy would be given for adoption and a new circle would start some twenty years from next may that never came for them.
    the word nobody wrote,for steven pladl is he was in DISPAIR. in absolut dispair. what was the left chance for this man and his family?
    there was no legal right he could use to his deffence.
    even ACLU denied silently to support him.
    this man had everything and everything was taken from him.
    because there is such a kind of law to do so.
    unfortunately he was not gifted with the wisdom of Job.
    he rather saw his life and everything coming down to pieces.
    he was not disilusional about what to expect objectively in the near future .plus his daemonisation.
    plus the abysmal pain a reciprosal severing can cause to the soul of GSApeople.
    She was threatened and was obliged to cut any relation with him and this is the real abuse and manipulation.

    do you understand it?
    the law enforced an order, -You and You, will not talk to each other .
    they were husband and wife, her father and his daughter but the should not talk. you know these two people had a child as well.

    no joke, the man had certaily acted premediated, that's why he managed to execute timely and fully his plan. He had only hours infront of him to take back what in some broader sence belonged to him the same way he belonged to them.
    since the law interfered
    the fatal result could be the one and only possible outcome.
    the law-this law- is the only responcible for the crime that was commited on them.

    more than his child's life, his love's life, his own, there was a value the court didnt respect.

    not some obscure element in the soul of steven.
    not because the fruits of sin cause death.
    but because he was stripped from his every right.
    because he was thrown mercilessly out of his own life because some law says so,put in the corner worse than animal,in a way he could react in one and only one way out.

    if anyone , just anyone, would be found in the same position like steven pladle found himself, been also accused but let's
    suppose the crime being not incest but some other form of illegality which have had the same consequencies in one's real life,

    how diverse those one's responce were expected to be?

    1. Perfect! You have explained the situation perfectly! Stephen Pladl's first wife has said some things in an interview ( "'All Steve had left was Katie and the baby,' reflected Alyssa. 'The only thing that kept him going was his thought of getting back with her.

      'To find out that he wasn't going to, I think that was the straw that broke the camel's back.

      'From the time that I reported the incest to the police I told them repeatedly I was absolutely terrified that he would kill me" She knew he had guns, she knew he had a temper, what on earth did she think was going to happen when she reported him to the police? Such a shame that they were in Virginia and moved to North Carolina and not New Jersey or Rhode Island.


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