Friday, March 17, 2017

New Mexico Needs New Laws

We've already linked to Jane's coverage of the latest news about Monica and Caleb. Below, we take a look at some of the coverage of news outlets.

Joy Johnston of Cox Media Group had this at
A mother and son in New Mexico who publicly admitted to being involved in an incestuous relationship have agreed to a plea deal, just before their trial was to begin.
Unfortunately, plea deals are often the way to go in cases like this, even when you're not actually in a consanguinamorous relationship, because the outrageous laws against consensual sex often include prison sentences for decades or even lifetime. You can't always trust that a jury won't be prejudiced to such an extent that they will convict you.
Monica Mares, 37, and Caleb Peterson, 20, accepted the plea deal Wednesday morning, just before jury selection was to begin in their case, KOAT reported.
Having a criminal case at all is a waste of resources.

Their illegal relationship was revealed in February 2016, when a neighbor confronted them and called police. The case went viral worldwide, and Mares and Peterson told the Daily Mail that they wanted to raise awareness about "Genetic Sexual Attraction."
Good for them. More people need to know about GSA. It is too bad they had a rat for a neighbor.
Mares and Peterson entered a no contest plea to the third-degree felony incest charge and will each serve 18 months of probation. The pair are forbidden to have verbal or physical contact during the probation period. After probation, the two can resume contact that is permitted by state law, petition the state to change the incest law or move to another state, according to The Eastern New Mexico News.

It is outrageous that consenting adults would be ordered to stay away from each other. There is no justification for such bigoted laws.

Here's Alisa Boswell's report at
"Everything that needed to be said has been said in court," Peterson said after the proceeding. He declined additional comment.

Mares left the courthouse without comment.

Court records show Peterson grew up without his biological mother but connected with Mares after he turned 18.

Mares' trial was set to begin with jury selection on Wednesday. She and Peterson were both charged with third-degree incest, which District Judge Drew Tatum said could carry a sentence of three years in jail and a $5,000 fine.
Both parties pleaded no contest, but Reeb said Mares was adjudicated as guilty in her agreement, while Peterson was not. She said both can have the charges removed from their records if they abide by the terms of their probation.
Well that's a silver lining.
"We do not believe that sending her (Mares) to jail would do her any good, or Peterson," Reeb said.
Reeb and defense attorneys said neither Mares nor Peterson had a prior criminal record.
This shouldn't even be a crime!
"I think it was a fair resolution," said Mares' attorney, Brett Carter. "She has been subject to a lot of threats and been ridiculed in the community. Hopefully, this will put a stop to that. I think she would just like to have this over with."
What kind of awful people threaten other human beings for loving each other??? The news hit the Associated Press, so the story was repeated in many outlets.

These laws need to be repealed and all adults should have the right to be in the relationships of their choosing.

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  1. Indeed they do. We need to get the public to see that these laws are antiquated and that they need to be done away with, and we need to stop treating consenting adults like they're criminals. The sooner we do this the better, we CAN and we WILL reach full quality in the end so to anyone out there who feels like these relationships will ever be legal don't give up hope, we will win this fight folks.

  2. These laws are a joke they can agree on gay rights but aftaid of two people loving eachother sad

  3. The Florida Supreme Court just decided a case in which the Court wrote that Florida's law against incest defines "sexual intercourse" as penis-in-vagina [only], and that the rationale for that law relates to the prohibition of reproductive activity:

    So Florida's prohibition doesn't seem to include either gay incest or lesbian incest. Also, court cases attacking the Florida law need to start out by refuting Discredited Argument #18!


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