Thursday, March 23, 2017

Casting Call For Cousins

Cheryl Hockey, Assistant Producer, Sugar Films is looking for cousins in relationships with each other.

I'm working on a documentary about cousin marriage for a British broadcaster.  As I'm sure you know, marrying your cousin is legal in Britain.  It is still fairly popular among the British Pakistani community here and the documentary will follow a young woman, from this community, who's considering the possibility of marrying one of her cousins.

On her journey she is keen to meet cousin couples from all different communities, and possibly countries.  She understands there is often a taboo around this topic, especially in other communities, so hopes it will raise awareness and also help to reduce prejudice around cousin relationships/marriage.
All initial conversations would be confidential and by people getting in touch with us it wouldn't commit them to taking part in any filming.
She says the best way to contact her is via her email or her office number: /
00 44 2031464533

As always, we advise careful consideration as it would be great to have increased visibility and media representation, but if you've been closeted there may be some risks, and of course you don't have control over how consanguineous relationships will be portrayed in the finished production.
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  1. They should try the Cousin Couples forum. I'm happy to refer the media over there, just not one of us. :-/

  2. i thought cousin marriage was illegal over there now.

  3. Christopher mixer
    Audra Osborn
    We love each other and that is all that matters.
    -Alos Art


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