Saturday, February 11, 2017

Move France Forward

France doesn't criminalize consanguineous relationships, but it still needs to be more egalitarian in marriage laws. As Jane has already noted on her blog, there is a petition we urge you to sign that calls for this.
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  1. This is good news.

  2. After reading so many interviews on your blog, I can now understand why people choose to have this kind of relationship with their family member. For example, a father raised his daughter from birth, and they have the traditional, or normal father/daughter relationship with no abuse of what so ever. One day, the daughter becomes a full grown adult, and for whatever the situation may be, they kissed, and realized they love each other more than just father and daughter. A lot of people will ask, how can they do that, or even feel the way about each other? Let me explain, a non-sexual father/daughter relationship is already a close and special bond by itself. When people think of love, they think of trust. When people think of family, they think of closeness, so when a father and daughter becomes lover, their love and trust expand for one another. Everything about their father/daughter relationship evolved into a closer and deeper connection like never before. Their bonding becomes romantic, their love becomes more affectionate, and their trust becomes sexual. They're having sex not just for the sake of having sex, but because they are truly, and deeply in love with each other. People think they shouldn't be together because they're father and daughter, but on the contrary, the fact that they're father and daughter is the very reason why they want to be together. The fact that they're father and daughter is what makes them drawn to each other. The fact that they're father and daughter is what makes their relationship works. The fact that they're father and daughter is actually what makes them a perfect match because they know each other better than anybody else does. Most people look at this kind of relationship from the father's view, which can be misleading with a negative close-mind. I tends to look at it from the daughter's perspective. A father is pretty much everything to a daughter, but in some cases, a father actually becomes everything to a daughter. She as a daughter have her father as her best friend, her companion, her lover, and yet, still being able to keep a healthy father/daughter relationship. In my eyes, the daughter have a complete relationship with her father, maybe even the best of all. She have a trust with her father that is romantic, sexual, and let's not forget, consensual, which means she feel complete safe and comfortable with her father. A daughter that's in love with her father is closer to her father than a daughter who just love her father, so when you tear these two people apart, you're not just only taking away her her father, but you're also taking away her best friend, her companion, and most likely the love of her life. I am against abuse. rape, molestation, and sex with minor, but this is none of the stuff that I just mention. Not all incest is abusive just like not every relationship is loving. To me, a father/daughter sexual relationship full of loving and caring is actually better than a relationship where the woman is constantly abused by her boyfriend, or husband. Honestly, I think it's the women in the consanguineous relationship that have to change people's mind because men is look at as being perverts and the aggressor. I haven't even talk about family members that have children together, but I'll talk about that some other time.

  3. Time for some realness: France ? Not happening any time soon !
    I am French, and despite the (relative) liberality of their laws, French people are by no means more open than Americans on issues such as incests or paedophilia (saying this because in the 70s there was a lot of debates and ultimately, the reactionaries won in all regards. Hence decades will pass by, before the public opinion see the two issues as distinct, and start thinking rationaly !
    Well, the mass never thinks rationaly, indeed.

    1. Just to be clear, the focus of this blog is consenting adults. We are not talking about adults forcing themselves on minors.

    2. Dear Mehdi,
      Thank you for informing us of the difficulties of making change in France. The herd is very easily spooked these days, and there does seem to be a real shift to the right , especially over immigration policy. The reactionaries also won in Australia in the 1970s after progressives tried to have laws against ACI changed here. Despite a Royal Commission that advocated that incest no longer to be a crime, the right wing governments that followed the defeat of the Whitlam government ignored (and buried) the Commission's report on this; however, abortion, prostitution and homosexuality were soon legalised, as per the report's recommendations.Reagan, Thatcher and neo-liberalism won the day, but hopefully we are approaching a new crossroads. Recently the French had an opportunity to outlaw Adult Consensual Incest, but they did not.This must mean that the French are at least more tolerant towards ACI than the Brits, Yanks and Aussies.No one in the Anglophone world wrote a song quite like Serge Gainsbourg's 'Lemon Incest' or an autobiography including her ACI relationship with her father like French writer Anis Nin. And also fairly recently the French legalised gay marriage, so they can't all be so so prim and proper or intolerant. Mind you, if 36.7 million people have died from AIDS (so far) that may have been an incentive to legalize gay marriage, even though homosexuality had already been legal in France since 1810. The more people who are married and not promiscuous, (the argument might be ) the more the spread of the disease might be limited. Still, as you say,the masses are not that rational and may not see CIAO marriage as another way to help fight diseases and pandemics.


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