Sunday, April 30, 2017

Are We Looking For You?

We may be looking for you. If you are someone who is described below, please contact us a fullmarriageequality at protonmail dot com or

1) We are looking for attorneys who are willing to represent consenting adults facing discrimination in criminal and civil law for having relationships.

2) We are looking for counselors and therapists in general, and one in particular, who are willing to help adults who face prejudice, discrimination, and even hostility from family due to consensual relationships with other adults.

3) We are looking for people willing to tell their stories about the love and relationships.

4) We are looking for anyone else willing to advance the cause of civil rights relating to gender, sexuality, and relationship diversities, and included in that, we'd like to hear from graphic artists who are interested in making contributions. Also, have you joined or started a GSA or diversity club at your school?

5) We are looking for you if you've been in videos found online in which you are depicted as having consanguineous sex.
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  1. I think at least some people should respond to this, we definitely need more activists within the community, that much is clear. There are a few loud voices but not nearly enough of them.

    I think part of the problem is that being an ally would be risky for some people, and naturally people do fear being 'outed'. Yet so much can be done online even anonymously. Just getting the word out there helps people who might be struggling with their sexuality and educates people who might previously have made so much assumptions about us, that is it's own reward which will eventually lead to the legal changes we need as an eventual side effect.

    I'll second you and say now in this reply that anyone thinking about getting involved should do so because it's the right thing to do.

  2. I've gladly told my story on here. What I am looking for is to meet others like myself who are in consanguinamorous relationships, or people who are curious about such a relationship and maybe want to be in one with a family member. Therefore I am putting my contact information here, so that anyone who wants to have a serious conversation with an open-minded and accepting woman about incest may do so.
    Hope to hear from some good people.
    -Liz Smith
    blondone89 on wickr chat

  3. A father a daughter have two kids, a boy and a girl. The children grow up and want to start a family together too. This seems quite risky.

    Who can they contact to get their genes sequences for reccesive genes without the legal requirement to report this info to authorities? They have not stated to me any health problems.

    I doubt 23andme could do this with the guarantee of privacy, but I do not know.

    1. The father should be able to have his genes tested with no problem. The daughter's genes would reveal her parentage, if that is something looked for, rather than simply which genes she carries. I don't see why "hypothetical" questions couldn't be asked of any business doing genetic testing as to what their reporting requirements and privacy policies are.

  4. #5 confuses me, I certainly understand why everything prior to #5 would be useful in furthering advocacy, but how do relatives that may have posted a video or two of themselves having sex with each other benefit the cause? I'm not saying it doesn't, I'm just not following the logic.

    1. This is just a collection of people we are looking for. It might be helpful to get from the people in the videos how it has impacted their life, whether they were actually as presented or were just role-playing. The reactions to such videos, both positive and negative, can be revealing about what people really think about consanguinamory.

  5. Re: Attorneys willing to represent consenting adults - the first place to look is going to be the local ACLU chapter, or the state ACLU organization if there is no local group. For same-sex couples, LGBT legal groups should also be contacted.

    Many lawyers do "pro bono" (free) work as a way of giving back to the community. Doing outreach to the legal community now to educate them about the FME concept can pay big "pro bono" dividends later!

    Another important project is to assemble in advance a library of generic legal briefs which can be easily customized for specific cases. Each brief would focus on a specific line of argument (due process, equal protection, etc.) and would be kept up to date as new legal precedents are created. Creating a legal Wiki focused on FME would be a very good way to get this effort started.


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