Thursday, January 17, 2019

Myth: GSA is Unnatural

Reality: Genetic Sexual Attraction is a normal and natural reaction to the circumstances.

While it is very common for people who spent their childhoods in the same residence together or were raised by one another, whether genetically related or not, to develop a suppression of sexual attraction to each other (this has been described as the Westermarck Effect), close genetic relatives who were not raised together or by one another don’t develop this suppression towards each other. Nor do all people who were raised together or by one another.

They may not be attracted to each other, but they may be. They may even be intensely attracted to each other. Even if intensely attracted to each other, they may not be right for each other. Or, they may be right for each and might go on to have lifelong happiness together.

Studies reveal most people are attracted to people who look like them. Who looks like more you than your close genetic relatives? While not all introductions or reunions result in attraction, many do. And sometimes, the attraction is mutual.

Not only can they look like each other, share genes, and share other traits, but an adult genetic child can look like their other parent; someone to whom the reuniting genetic parent may have had an attraction (especially if the child was conceived through intercourse.) Or, this virtual social stranger can look like your sibling, custodial parent, or other family members, creating a sense of bonding or familiarity.

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    1. Anonymous, thank you for that thoughtful insight. If you haven't done so yet, please contact me at fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com as I'd like to follow up with this. Also, FWIW, I don't see anything in the New Testament that applies negatively to GSA relationships.

    2. Speaking from direct experience in a GSA relationship, I can attest that it is no myth. This is very, very real.
      I'm recently reunited with another family member from whom I was separated, some 30+ years ago. From the moment we made contact, it was obvious to both of us that something highly unusual was going on. Now, I'm a white male, conservatively raised with Christian family values, so nothing prepared me for what we were about to experience. Nothing could have EVER prepared either one of us.
      Being of like sentiment we independently researched what was happening and at virtually the same time we came to the conclusion we were being affected by GSA. Then, we raised the issue at the same time, and thoroughly discussed our feelings and the implications for our families and the future. We were moving in parallel, as those who are similarly affected will discover.
      This is no psychological disorder, but a connection that's very real. We've read everything there is to read on the internet and in point of fact, there's virtually no scientific research to back most of the oft-cited claims. For example, that 50% are affected. No one knows. Or that it's biological, or genetic, or anything else. It just happens, and with astonishing frequency. We describe it as the greatest experience of our lives.

  2. The fact of the matter is that life is full of mysteries that we cant explain. And even if we cant explain them doesnt mean its not real or natural. If something happens then its natural. Every time my wife gets pregnant I feel everything that she does. Its uncanny . It doesnt matter what it is. If she has hot flashes so do I. If she gets sick, so do I. Literally everything she experiences i get the joy of being strapped in for the ride too. I never would have believed it possible before she ever got pregnant in the beginning but you better believe i believe it now. There are twins who feel the others feelings. There are psychics. The point being that there are so many phenomenon that we cant explain. But if it happens in nature then its natural. Who gets to decide who or what is natural? As for me, i just go with the flow. And in the end its just one hell of a show. My suggestion to everyone is to do the same. Stop worrying about what is natural or not. Stop worrying about what your neighbor does or doesnt do and just enjoy life to the fullest. Just think about it. What does worrying about your neighbor get you? The fact is your life is worse off by trying to control things that you have no power over. Just enjoy your life no matter what comes your way.
    We shouldnt care what our neighbors do unless their actions effect us.
    I will be honest with you folks. Im a "sinner". And im not talking about religion. Im just saying that im not perfect. I want to live my life to the fullest. But i cant live life to the fullest unless i try to do my best and improve my life. How can i improve my life if im focused on another persons life. The answer is that i cant. I dont want to wake up one day when im 80 and realize i made a mess of my life. I want to meet my maker knowing that i did my best. I follow the belief that if we dont want to be judged then we shouldnt judge others.
    By the way. God bless those amazing women for going through pregnancies. Trust me, it SUCKS to be pregnant. And im a man. I cant imagine going through it for real.


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